A Mother's Day to Remember (Photos)

When I wrote about our Mother’s Day plans a few weeks ago, I wasn’t entirely sure how awesome our MLB outing would be. I mean, I like baseball a lot, and it’s especially fun to watch now that the older boys are into it and understand what’s going on, and I knew that a professional game would be fun, but I wasn’t entirely sure how well it would turn out. Would three 4-year-olds be able to sit and watch an entire baseball game without completely losing their minds? Or end up driving us crazy?

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Everyone enjoyed the game, and the three moms that went ended up having a lovely Mother’s Day. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I’m trying to figure out when we can do it again.

Thankfully, I was able to get over my guilt about leaving the baby home, because in the end it was the best decision. He got to have fun playing at Grandma’s house, and I got to enjoy the game and relax, instead of having to try to occupy him for three hours. It was a win/win decision, for sure.

I thought I’d share with you a few of the highlights from our day, you can check them out below. And then tell me, have you ever had a Mother’s Day turn out to be unexpectedly awesome?

  • With My Boys 1 of 13
    With My Boys
    It occurred to me the other day that there are few, if any, photos of me with all three of my kids. I was determined to fix that.
  • Things Are Starting to Fall Apart 2 of 13
    Things Are Starting to Fall Apart
    After about 87 million photos, they started to lose interest in the process. I'm not thrilled with any of them, but at least current photos of the four of us now exist.
  • The Boys of Summer 3 of 13
    The Boys of Summer
    After a little over an hour in the car, we arrived at the stadium. The boys were all extremely excited.
  • Down Goes Dylan 4 of 13
    Down Goes Dylan
    Excitement turned to tears pretty quickly when Dylan managed to trip on a staircase. I promise I'm not a completely horrible mother...I happened to have my camera on and in my hand, so I was able to catch this as I continued down towards him. He was a bit scraped up, but fine.
  • A Photo – Together! 5 of 13
    A Photo - Together!
    There are also very few photos of my husband and I together. See, we really do like each other. Usually.
  • His First Dodger Dog 6 of 13
    His First Dodger Dog
    Zach's first taste of a Dodger dog. He is a fan.
  • He Was a Bottomless Pit 7 of 13
    He Was a Bottomless Pit
    Dylan was born to eat stadium food. He started off with nachos and ended with a Dodger dog. For the kid who is usually incredibly picky about what he eats, he outdid himself that day.
  • Mothers Mother’s Day First Pitch 8 of 13
    Mothers Mother's Day First Pitch
    A bunch of the player's moms were on hand to throw out the first pitch(es) to their sons. It was insanely adorable.
  • Cheese 9 of 13
    A self portrait photo of Zach and me, while Dad looks on.
  • You’ve Got Something on Your Chin 10 of 13
    You've Got Something on Your Chin
    Hey Dylan, there's a tiny little bit of frozen yogurt on your chin. And your shirt. And all over your shorts.
  • Go Dodgers! 11 of 13
    Go Dodgers!
    He wouldn't let frozen yogurt eating distract him from watching the game.
  • My Oldest Baby 12 of 13
    My Oldest Baby
    Another self portrait...I'm always super critical of myself in these things, but I'm trying to get over that and embrace the idea of taking (and loving) photos with my kids, no matter how I think I look in them.
  • Dodgers Win! 13 of 13
    Dodgers Win!
    Yay! Dodgers win! And that was the end to a great Mother's Day.

Photo Source: Meghan Gesswein

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