A Night of Carving Pumpkins

In years past, carving pumpkins was done with one purpose in mind.

Roasting the seeds.

However, this year with Bella old enough to really enjoy the process, we decided to step it up a notch. You know, really go all out.

So we bought a pumpkin kit and used the paper pictures inside that you tape on the pumpkin. Real professional like. ūüôā

Honestly, we had a lot of fun doing these. I was surprised at how squeamish my little tomboy suddenly got when we opened up the pumpkins – this is a girl who never met a stink bug/beetle/caterpillar/worm she didn’t like. We used some from our trip to the pumpkin patch, and others from the store.

The ones from the patch turned out much better.

Take a look at our evening and how they all turned out at the end.

  • Orange is the New Orange 1 of 9

    I'm going to warn you now there is a lot of orange going on. Our walls are a warm color, Sam's shirt was red, the table is a cherry wood... it all combined for ULTRA ORANGE. But they really were too cute not to share. 

  • No Thanks 2 of 9

    Bella was a little apprehensive about digging into the pumpkins. She kept asking what was inside. That was hard to explain. I don't know the right term so I just said, "Pumpkin seed strings." I'm sure that's not correct, but it seemed to reassure her. 

  • Thinking it Over 3 of 9

    Normally we don't wear bibs for carving, but she'd just finished dinner. It turned out that she needed one anyway. She was thinking about pulling out the seeds here. It was a process. 

  • One by One 4 of 9

    Finally her little hands went in to grab seeds. We heard a lot of, "It's all gooey!" as she took out one. seed. at. a. time. 

  • Angry Face 5 of 9

    This was her angry with me because I was asking her to reach inside the pumpkin so I could get a shot of it. She was irritated about being pushed. #excuseme 

  • Monsanto Pumpkins 6 of 9

    We had several pumpkins to carve. Two from the pumpkin patch, one from the store. The store pumpkin literally had like 25 seeds in it. That was all. 

    Sam and I decided it was the Monsanto pumpkin. 

  • Ghosts 7 of 9

    This was mine. I was pretty excited that (even with a paper template and the easiest one there was) I managed to carve a ghost out. 

  • Cats 8 of 9

    Sam carved out a cat. His actually came out better than mine and Bella liked it more too. 

  • Finished 9 of 9

    This was Sam's all lit up. It's a good thing we waited to carve until Sunday night, because even the next day they were already shriveling up. 


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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