A Website You and Your Kids Will NOT Want to Miss

Cruithne? Who knew?!

Every so often, my inner geek reminds me that she’s alive and well. It’s times like this that I realize what a mistake I made in going to a college on the beach. I mean, who wants to pay attention in class when the crashing waves of the Pacific are calling your name?

I did…okay…in college. There were some classes that I loved, some I hated and some I even took twice, for good measure. Ahem. I perfected the art of doing just enough when it came to learning, but I can still tell you where to get the best burritos in town, and where to find the cheapest beer.

Obviously, I had my priorities.

But like I was saying, every so often I’m reminded that there is a little nerd that lives inside of me, and aside from liking to sleep, a lot, she also really likes it when I run across cool stuff on the internet that teaches you (and your kids) something, but doesn’t make it boring and, well, lame.

That happened today when someone linked to this really awesome site from Facebook. It’s an interactive scale map that shows you the relative sizes of things in our Universe, from the teeniest tiniest substances to galaxies far, far away.

It is so cool.

If you’ve ever wondered how the size of an earthworm relates to the size of a charm quark, the site will show you. And, if you’re now wondering what a charm quark even IS, you can click on it and an information box will pop up and explain it to you.

How big is Haley’s comet in relation to Earth? Did you know that an AM Radio Wavelength is almost as long as Central Park? I think it would be possible to spend hours looking over this site with your kids.

Check it out, I don’t think you’ll regret it. You can find it here.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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