Absent Dads Suck

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.11.28 PMToday.

Took JD to Edgemont Park in Montclair, NJ. For 4 hours.

JD immediately befriended two blond boys. Rad.

I love watching my child embrace life.

He is like his mother. Not shy. Not scared. Loud. Ambitious. Willing to leap without looking.

The boys, I soon realized ,were with their dads. Two very good-looking men.

I no longer helicopter JD. He is nearly 6. Knows random adults are strangers and that mom is nearby always.

I sat on a bench alone.



Warm sun on my face—I rolled the sleeves of my fitted T-shirt up.

When I couldn’t see JD, I scouted the park and moved to another bench.

The 2 dads were stationed there.

I said nothing.

They quickly realized I was JD’s mom when he came running to me for a juice box fix. I poked a hole in the carrot-apple juice and sent my child off!

“Giving dad the day off?” one dad said.

“Gave him 6 years off,” I said, whip smart.

“What a sh*t,” one dad said in a British accent.

“Yeah,” I said. “Whatever.”

That was the ultimate decision from a stranger. What a sh*t. They knew nothing of our story, but they knew for sure that a father shouldn’t abandon his kid. Especially when mom welcomes visitation and communication.

There is no excuse to ignore your child. Your excuses are false, lame and old. OLD. They are laughable. And people do laugh, then they diss. That’s sad.

And then the other dad told me about his recent separation.

The universe is working.

Chime in chickies! 



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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