Addie and the Rope

There is an enormous rope at Addie’s gym that they sometimes get to climb if they have a moment at the end of a session. The very first time she tried to climb it she only made it about a quarter of the way up before either getting to tired or too scared. Last month however she made it all the way to the top and my mom pride swelled to the size of a rhinoceros. I know I’ve said it before, but there’s something about watching your kid do something that they love and even more something that they’re good at that brings out the beaming pride that kids can give us. I can remember feeling the same swelling when she was little and did something as little as share a toy, but to see her scale a giant rope with her long limbs when last year she wouldn’t have even attempted such a thing?

It’s a pretty amazing feeling. I’m so happy she’s found something she loves doing.

I of course took video of her scaling the rope (complete with her coach and other teammates cheering her on) but I also had my camera with me, and I captured¬† one photo where she’s not even using her feet, she’s holding all her weight with her hands 20 feet above the floor. (My dad of course called in a panic after he saw the photo “WHAT IF SHE FALLS!?” I had to assure him that Addie’s got this.)

Look mom! No feet! (AHH!)

I mean, COME ON. She’s SEVEN! (She also only weighs 50 pounds but look at those long limbs! SO PROUD! SO PROUD AM I!)

I was never much of a rope climber, in fact I’ve never been much of a climber at all, but this kid man, she can scramble up to the top of anything quicker than a spider monkey. I’m going to have to keep and extra close eye on her this summer at the playgrounds before she runs off and climbs the trees and the slides while blindfolded.
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