Addie's February in 20 Photographs

In true me fashion, here I am getting to a photo wrap up of Addie’s February ’round about the mid of March. Look for March’s update around tax day (ooh, taxes, have you sent yours off?) Documenting my child’s childhood aside, I have to say that having my camera in my hands everyday has made such an enormous difference in how I feel with it in my hands. I’ve always loved it and it’s always felt like a natural extension¬† in my hand, but using it everyday and having it with me everywhere has allowed me to capture little moments that would have otherwise passed by.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you when it comes to photographing older kids is to never ask them to pose for you. Have your camera ready and right by you so when something does happen you’re ready. Kids hate having cameras in their faces, and even the ones that don’t mind it tend to get awkward when they know it’s pointed at them, Addie included.

Here’s Addie’s February, in 20 candid photos.

  • Dominoes 1 of 20
    I always dreamed of wood floors when I was a kid, for dancing, racing cars and this...dominoes.
  • Reading 2 of 20
    I put them in the chair together and this is what happened.
  • Reading 3 of 20
    Oh these two girls melt my heart.
  • Car snoozing 4 of 20
    Car snoozing
    We drove through the night to make it to Florida. Addie slept like a champ.
  • Ready to swim 5 of 20
    Ready to swim
    We checked into our hotel on our first day in Florida and Addie was ready to SWIM LET'S GO NOW SWIM SWIM SWIM!
  • Addie on the gulf 6 of 20
    Addie on the gulf
    The water was really cold, but Addie didn't mind one bit since she did so much running around she stayed perfectly warm.
  • Funny sleeper 7 of 20
    Funny sleeper
    We put Addie to bed in our room each night then moved her onto the couch when we went to bed. For some reason she was always in funny positions when we went in to move her.
  • Addie and Vivi 8 of 20
    Addie and Vivi
    There was a lot of downtime between the beach and pool and Addie spent it next to her sister.
  • Swimming 9 of 20
    She swam so much it took me two weeks to get the chlorine smell out of her hair.
  • Building sandcastles 10 of 20
    Building sandcastles
    The only thing she loved more than building sandcastles was destroying them.
  • Jumping 11 of 20
    I remember playing in the waves as a kid, it's fun to see my kid do the same.
  • Jumping on the beach. 12 of 20
    Jumping on the beach.
    There was the most lovely sunset one night and Addie agreed to be my (very bouncy) muse on the beach.
  • This IS her happy face 13 of 20
    This IS her happy face
    Cody took this photo after he joked with Addie about something, obviously that something wasn't very funny to her.
  • Spot the creeper 14 of 20
    Spot the creeper
    What's a picture of Vivi doing in an Addie slideshow? Oh, that's why, check the creeper in the upper right corner.
  • Looking at fish 15 of 20
    Looking at fish
    A fisherman stopped to show Addie all the fish he had caught on the pier that day. Addie wasn't impressed.
  • Unicorn shells 16 of 20
    Unicorn shells
    We found a bunch of these little shells in St. Andrew's State Park, Addie and I called them unicorn shells and they were her favorite.
  • Gator hunting 17 of 20
    Gator hunting
    We went to a lake known as 'gator lake' on a gator hunt, we didn't find any but we had a few little panic attacks.
  • My ladies 18 of 20
    My ladies
    Cody took this one, I love it for a hundred different reasons.
  • Handstands 19 of 20
    She moved up a gymnastics level towards the end of the month and she gets better and better everyday.
  • Reading 20 of 20
    I've started finding her sitting in various chairs reading quietly to herself for hours at a time. Makes me so happy.

Addie’s January in Photos

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