Addie's January in Photos

So what if it’s almost the middle of February? I’ve been running a few somethings behind on everything so the fact that these photos have been compiled before Addie leaves for college is a bit of a feat. I’ve been following these two little girls of mine around with a camera every chance I get and the truth is Vivi is around more with the whole school thing and she’s far more willing to let me take her picture than the big one.

It’s not that she doesn’t like her picture being taken, she just has so many other important things to be doing. I do my best to capture little moments in her life rather than “OKAY! NOW LOOK AT ME AND SMILE!” photos. Here’s the top photos from Addie’s January 2012.

  • Oh, the feathers. 1 of 23
    Oh, the feathers.
    January will forever be divided into "before lice" and "after lice." If there's feathers? It's clearly BL.
  • Toes up 2 of 23
    Toes up
    Addie. Upside down, again. SURPRISE!
  • Shopping 3 of 23
    Addie helping with the grocery cart. It was slow going.
  • Funny faces 4 of 23
    Funny faces
    Vivi loves her best because of faces like this.
  • My lunch date 5 of 23
    My lunch date
    I love lunch dates with this kid. Reminds me of all those years it was just the two of us.
  • My muse. 6 of 23
    My muse.
    I got a new piece of photo equipment and she was my model for a few glorious moments.
  • Giant feet 7 of 23
    Giant feet
    Seriously, she is always! moving!
  • Naked Barbies 8 of 23
    Naked Barbies
    I was gathering up laundry in her room and noticed the severe lack of clothed barbies.
  • In the lines. 9 of 23
    In the lines.
    She has colored in the lines since the moment she was able to hold a crayon.
  • New box 10 of 23
    New box
    If I teach her nothing else I hope she understands the simple joys of a new box of crayons.
  • Disney on Ice 11 of 23
    Disney on Ice
    I don't even know what was going on because I was watching her face the whole time.
  • Freckles 12 of 23
    Her dad actually took this one, but it is the most lovely shot of her freckles. I love them. She needs Chapstick though.
  • Gymnastics 13 of 23
    I hung out at her class one day and caught her in her element.
  • Annoying her sister 14 of 23
    Annoying her sister
    Vivi's says "HELP ME MOM." She's too kind to complain about all of Addie's personal space invasion.
  • Jumping 15 of 23
    She doesn't have a jump rope so she uses her scarf, don't worry, one is on my "to get" list.
  • Monopoly 16 of 23
    We've been playing Monopoly in little bits and pieces, with her as the banker. It's done wonders for teaching her counting, math and money.
  • Piano lesson. 17 of 23
    Piano lesson.
    These photos still melt my heart.
  • Putting on a show 18 of 23
    Putting on a show
    Addie uses our fireplace as a stage and puts on elaborate plays for her captive audience.
  • Reading 19 of 23
    Addie has read to Vivi for as long I can remember, the books have gotten better, this time it was Shel Silverstein.
  • First snowfall 20 of 23
    First snowfall
    Whenever the snow falls she's out in it until she can't feel her fingertips or face.
  • Headstand 21 of 23
    Look! Addie, upside down. Again.
  • Waiting for her cat. 22 of 23
    Waiting for her cat.
    She read a cat encyclopedia as we waited for our two eyed cat at the vet.
  • Wedding album. 23 of 23
    Wedding album.
    Addie and Vivi spent a morning reading our wedding album. I knew I put that thing together for a reason.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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