Addie's March in Photos

I’ve been taking pictures since the beginning of 2012 like a madwoman. My hard drive is groaning under the dozens of photos I upload everyday and the reality that I’m going to have to do something with all these photos looms heavy in the back of my mind but I don’t regret it one bit. I have so many precious moments captured of both of my girls, and many of them were as easy as having my camera nearby, ready to go and clicking. When I wrote my post about how to get better photos of big kids, I can assure you that I follow my own advice daily.

The beginning of March was spent in an oddly warm and sunny Indiana and March finished out in warm and sunny Utah where we’re just waiting for the arrival of my nephew. Addie is in heaven in Utah, surrounded by grandparents, parks and pets. She’s old enough now that she schedules her own sleepovers with her grandparents and friends and can head off with them and do their own thing. So far she’s gone to a museum, a gymnastics championship and dinner with family friends. I’m going to miss her when she heads back to Indiana to go back to school but I’m absolutely sure she had the best spring break in her entire class.

  • Kissing her cat 1 of 20
    Kissing her cat
    Wink, our one eyed rescue cat, loves to lay on Addie's shoes. Addie loves to kiss on his furry kitty head.
  • Addie’s style 2 of 20
    Addie's style
    "It's all flowers, OF COURSE IT MATCHES." It's super hard to argue with her logic.
  • First swing of the season 3 of 20
    First swing of the season
    Thankfully there's a decent swing set within a 5 minute walk of our house. She's gotten really good at swinging herself.
  • Addie’s major award 4 of 20
    Addie's major award
    Addie got an award for a coloring contest she entered, her face in this photo never gets old.
  • Haircut 5 of 20
    After a week at the beach, swimming twice a day and lice her hair was fried and had to be trimmed and trimmed hard.
  • Kissing on her baby 6 of 20
    Kissing on her baby
    I will never get tired of seeing these to together. Never ever.
  • Braided 7 of 20
    It didn't last very long with how active she is (and her hair isn't quite long enough) but I learned how to braid and I'm addicted to it.
  • IT’S SATURDAY! 8 of 20
    This is pretty much how I feel every Saturday as well, I just can't jump off the couch about it without causing damage to myself and my house.
  • Keeping out of reach of babies 9 of 20
    Keeping out of reach of babies
    We're at that point where Vivi wants to be involved in everything Addie does. Addie had to move everything up a level, literally.
  • Blowing bubbles 10 of 20
    Blowing bubbles
    The Leprechauns brought Addie some bubbles so she blew them for Vivi on the other side of the door.
  • Reading 11 of 20
    Girl loves to read, and in the last few months she's learned to read to herself...she can spend hours with her nose in a book.
  • Making faces 12 of 20
    Making faces
    Grandpa fell asleep on the couch so Addie and I conspired this photo, we were busted moments later.
  • Kissing her cousin 13 of 20
    Kissing her cousin
    Addie is so excited for my sister to have her first baby. She can't keep her hands or lips off of her belly.
  • Playing in sawdust 14 of 20
    Playing in sawdust
    My dad is a woodworker and Addie loves playing in his shop the same way I did when I was a kid, especially in the sawdust.
  • Sleepy 15 of 20
    SHE'S SO PRECIOUS WHEN SHE'S ASLEEP. I mean, she's cute all the time but asleep with her little halo of curls and perfect little lips? She's wonderful.
  • Skipping 16 of 20
    Nothing makes skipping better than doing it in a fluffy frilly dress which is exactly what Addie did.
  • Helping a sister out 17 of 20
    Helping a sister out
    We went to IKEA with my sister and Addie agreed to rub her back with a rolling pin. She's a good kid.
  • Pushing 18 of 20
    As much as Addie loves to swing, she loves to push her sister on the swing just as much.
  • Observing 19 of 20
    From the top of the monkey bars Addie observed my mom's entire neighborhood and plotted out what to play on next.
  • Coloring 20 of 20
    Since Addie will be leaving Utah before Easter we spent the morning coloring, and then hiding eggs.

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