Adele’s Estranged Dad Seeks Forgiveness And To Meet His Grandson

Eight-time Grammy winner Adele’s dad, Mark Evans, walked out on her when she was just three. While he wasn’t much of a presence to her, his parents were, as it is reported Adele spent holidays with her paternal grandparents.

This is really interesting to me, because I recently blogged about absent grandparents. One of my best friends didn’t have a good relationship with her dad until she was of college age, however her paternal grandparents were always around.

Grandparents are special. I am lucky that JD has three: My mom, my dad and his girlfriend. I’m extremely lucky my mom and dad’s gf get along and my mom is cool and not jaded about sharing the grandma role. Like I tell her often, my grandma Agnello and Nanny Coppa were ever-present in my life, but they played different roles.

Grandma Agnello hosted sleepovers, crocheted and made silver dollar pancakes on Sundays. Nanny Coppa was a single mom after my grandfather, Domenic (JD’s middle name) died of a sudden heart-attack when my dad was 18. Nanny worked in her family’s Italian bakery. She always smelled like flour and bread. She cooked meatballs and Sunday sauce. I loved them both for their talents, lessons (“Keep money under your mattress at all times,” Nanny would say) and presence in my life.

My grandma died when I was 19. She died with me. Alone. In her home. A sudden heart attack. Defining moment of my life. Life slips away. It does. Blink of an eye.

Nanny attended my college graduation in Philly and held JD the day he was born. She passed away before he turned one.

I had a great relationship with Poppy Agnello. A vivid memory: Getting my foot caught in what he called a rabbit hole and losing my Velcro sneaker to it! We were feeding ducks at the pond down the street from my house. He was a big guy, a Marine and a walking encyclopedia.

My memories of my grandparents and what I witness between JD and my parents and Karen really leave me torn on Adele’s decision to consider Mark Evans … dead. No one knows the specifics of his abandonment. He claims he was a drunk, so I’m sure the disease factored into it. He also pissed Adele off when he sold a story to a tabloid about how she refuses to reconnect with him. I get both of their sides. If you want to reconnect, call your kid, don’t sell a story about it.

I understand Adele’s role as a mom and wanting to protect her child. This man left her, who’s to say he doesn’t meet her little boy, then leave? He claims he wants to be a grandfather and is missing out on the joys of such. “I’m not interested in her celebrity status or her money, I just want my daughter back and I want to be a proper grandad to the little one,” via

How do you feel about Adele’s situation with her dad? Tell me about your grandparents and the relationship your child has with theirs.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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