Adorable Thanksgiving Themed Apparel for Kids

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s kids dressed in adorable, time period specific clothing. Which isn’t to say I love to see kids dressed as pilgrims during Thanksgiving. I just love when a kid has a cute t-shirt or dress that celebrates the season.

Unfortunately, I’m horribly disorganized, so I usually forget to sit down and order things for my kids until it’s too late. But this year, I’m determined to get their Holiday clothes ordered in a timely fashion. I scoured Etsy for the best “big kid” Thanksgiving themed clothing options, and I thought I would share them with you. This way you can get something ordered for your kids before you have to pay rush shipping charges and have it sent to your mom’s house, because there’s no way it will arrive at your house before you hit the road. Not that I would know anything about that. Check out my top picks after the jump.

  • Camo Turkey Shirt 1 of 10
    Camo Turkey Shirt
    For the military and/or hunting loving kid this adorable camo turkey shirt will make everyone smilde. $18 from Etsy.
  • Gobble T-Shirt 2 of 10
    Gobble T-Shirt
    Gobble Gobble! The perfect shirt for your little turkey. $21.50 from Etsy.
  • Pillowcase Dress 3 of 10
    Pillowcase Dress
    This adorable Pillowcase Dress is a steal at only $18 on Etsy
  • Personalized Turkey Shirt 4 of 10
    Personalized Turkey Shirt
    This cute, personalized turkey shirt is only $16.99 on Etsy.
  • Turkey Tee 5 of 10
    Turkey Tee
    I love that, while still fun and festive, this turkey shirt has a more grown up look to it. $20 on Etsy.
  • Turkey Initial T-Shirt 6 of 10
    Turkey Initial T-Shirt
    Super cute and fun personalized initial t-shirt with a turkey peeking out from behind the letter. Only $20 on Etsy.
  • Painted Turkey Shirt 7 of 10
    Painted Turkey Shirt
    A bit non-traditional in color, this painted turkey shirt with ruffled edges is girly enough for your little princess. $17.95 on Etsy.
  • Turkey Dress 8 of 10
    Turkey Dress
    This dress is darling, and makes me a little sad I don't have a daughter. $30 on Etsy.
  • Ruffled Turkey Shirt 9 of 10
    Ruffled Turkey Shirt
    Sweet turkey shirt with a ruffled lace body to add some extra interest. $17 on Etsy
  • Turkey Tie Shirt 10 of 10
    Turkey Tie Shirt
    I'm a sucker for an applique tie t-shirt and I love this silly take on it. $16 on Etsy.

The folks over at Family Style have some fun and funny Thanksgiving themed accessories for you, if you want to take it a step further!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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