Alert the Presses: My Family Eats Fast Food

My family and I eat fast food. And we like it.

Alert the presses! This is shocking information!

Seriously, can we all just agree that the majority of us eat this stuff and move on already? I know all about the pink slime. I also know all about the sodium content. And yes, I obviously know about the childhood obesity epidemic. Guess what, we eat this stuff anyway.

Look, I’m a mom of moderation. My family doesn’t eat fast food every day. We don’t even eat it every week or every month either, necessarily. We eat it when we eat it, and when we do, we more than like it – we love it. We love it because it’s damn yummy.

Go ahead; tell me you’ve never introduced your child to McDonald’s. Tell me your kid loves nothing more than tofu and kale and I’ll tell you that my kids like Happy Meals – and that’s OK. We’re allowed to be different.

I cook balanced meals for my family 95% of the time with processed foods kept to a healthy minimum. My kids are at a healthy weight and fully understand that fast food is a treat, not a staple.

So┬áhow about we all stop pretending we don’t eat fast food, or worse yet, that we don’t enjoy it when we do. It’s no big deal in moderation, friends.

Does your family eat fast food?

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