All The Reasons I Can’t Wait For Spring

I am over winter. I am over the cold. I know I signed up for winter, cold, wind, snow, sleet by living on the East Coast, but I think it’s seriously starting to mess with me—and JD.

My little 5-year-old cherub has been extra crazy lately: jumping on the couch, running around with Max the dog at warp speed (in the halls of the floor we live on!), acting a little punky—and I know why. The kid needs to run and play and soak up the vitamin D.

It’s not like he’s cooped up. He goes to school every day and we do fun things on the weekends like Treasure Trove Disney on Ice, Monster Jam or nothing at all, that actually turns out to be fun because we watch movies, color and play Lego. He has his Saturday morning Karate class and I always take him along on errands. A walk around Target is enough to tire him out a little bit.

This Saturday was chilly. It was damp and windy, but I bundled us up and we took Max on a 2 mile hike. There’s a nice hiking trail on the building grounds that JD calls “The Loop.” It is a big loop that circles all the buildings, pools and other recreational areas. We were red-cheeked when we got home, but it still felt so good to be in the open, fresh air. I noticed how much calmer and cooler JD was—I felt less anxious too.

Still, I’m praying for Spring. The kind of days when you open the window and it smells like grass. You play outside after dinner. Spend weekends in the sun at the park or zoo. Hunt for Easter eggs and visit an impromptu car show. Here’s just a sneak peek at the kind of fun we have in warmer weather. I’m channeling this …

  • Park Crew 1 of 9
    Park Crew
    Gathering at the park is a nice way for the kids to blow off steam and the moms to R&R.
  • Fishing Fun 2 of 9
    Fishing Fun
    After a freezing winter that kept us cooped up in movie theaters, museums and (ew, germy) indoor playgrounds, it will be nice to engage in some outdoorsy things, like fishing.
  • Community Events 3 of 9
    Community Events
    Nothing like an open field, music, food, friends, games and bounce houses on a warm weekend afternoon.
  • Farm With Friends 4 of 9
    Farm With Friends
    There's a local farm near our condo. JD and his pal, Lily love to visit the animals, shop in the country store for fruits and play among the flowers.
  • Sunday Mornings 5 of 9
    Sunday Mornings
    I love warm Sundays with JD. We get bagels and hit our local park—just the two of us.
  • Car Show 6 of 9
    Car Show
    Once the weather warms up a shopping center down the street from our condo has a car show every Tuesday night. It's a fun, free activity.
  • Happy Easter 7 of 9
    Happy Easter
    I love holidays! JD is also becoming more aware of what holidays mean religious-wise. Of course there's the Easter bunny snack, egg hunt, Easter basket and big dinner, too.
  • Outdoor Outings 8 of 9
    Outdoor Outings
    No more indoor activities. I can't wait to visit places, like this one here: An outdoor butterfly exhibit.
  • Zoo Woo Ooo 9 of 9
    Zoo Woo Ooo
    Here's a pic of JD and me at Turtle Back Zoo. Mama bird and baby chickie!

What types of things are you looking forward to doing in the warmer weather? Please chime in. 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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