Am I Raising a Mini-Hoarder?

Am I the only one living with a mini-hoarder?  I’ve noticed that Adolpha, age 5, likes to pack bags.  Lots and lots of bags.  She’s always got a backpack or a tote bag or a Target bag full of junk that she’s carting around the house.  She leaves these bags all over.  I find them in my bedroom, in the kitchen, in the laundry room, in her brother’s room.  I find them everywhere.  One night I was so frustrated by these bags, I decided to gather them all together in one place and unpack them.  That’s when I realized Adolpha might have a problem.  This is what I found:

  • I found all of these in one night in my house. 1 of 16
    I found all of these in one night in my house.
    I'm sooooo sick of finding these bags - gift bags, Target bags, tote bags, backpacks, purses, Wal-Mart bags, duffle bags, ZipLoc bags and brown lunch sacks filled with crap (and random important items that I've been missing).
  • The Gift Bag 2 of 16
    The Gift Bag
    Popup book she's obsessed with, Lego magazine (that belongs to Gomer), Leapster game (also belongs to Gomer), one hair clip (who knows where it's mate is).
  • The Reusable Christmas Tote Bag 3 of 16
    The Reusable Christmas Tote Bag
    Puppy Christmas stocking (she thinks she's a dog and she bought this with her own money), digital camera (that belongs to Gomer and he's been looking for it for a month), necklace, plastic fork (I haven't seen any of that plastic silverware from that set in over a year), change, Cici's token, one dirty sock (I'd about given up on finding that sock), glue stick, Puppy Pointer.
  • The Art Folio 4 of 16
    The Art Folio
    Six seemingly similar drawings of multi-colored scratch marks, and a Chinese language flashcard (these flashcards are dispersed all over my house. I've even found them in sock drawers). I should have thrown these pictures away, but I'm a sap for artwork and I can't bear to toss her artwork that she thinks is worth saving (thus we are drowning in art work).
  • The Princess Tote 5 of 16
    The Princess Tote
    A book, several half completed worksheets, a dog fact book, a pink (of course) marker and a headband.
  • The Wal-Mart Bag 6 of 16
    The Wal-Mart Bag
    Dress up skirt, one dress up shoe, a dog purse (with a lipgloss inside), one glove, an apron, new tights and socks (that I've been looking everywhere for), bracelets, sock puppet, fairy wand, and a collapsible dog carrier.
  • The Grocery Sack 7 of 16
    The Grocery Sack
    Random shepherd from her Nativity set, doll dress, doll pants and one doll shoe (the missing doll clothes drive me batty).
  • Second Wal-Mart Bag 8 of 16
    Second Wal-Mart Bag
    The rest of her Nativity and Riley (a the dog who has been missing for some time now).
  • Second Reusable Christmas Tote 9 of 16
    Second Reusable Christmas Tote
    13 books (3 go with the Tag Reader that I bet is lost).
  • The “Teacher” Tote 10 of 16
    The "Teacher" Tote
    This is her "Teacher" tote. She likes to play school so this one is full of her teacher supplies. Only random thing in here were 12 tags she took from the American Girl store.
  • The American Girl Doll Tote 11 of 16
    The American Girl Doll Tote
    2 American Girl Bitty Twins, coloring book, pad of sticky notes, stickers, tiny dog brush and dog bowl that go to a dog I haven't seen in a while - better look under her bed tomorrow.
  • Art Supplies Bag 12 of 16
    Art Supplies Bag
    Two Tinkerbell drawing pages, pad of paper, unopened package of AAA batteries (I'll take those, thank you very much), washcloth (I'm assuming it's dirty), Lego piece, 18 pens and markers. There was also a pair of underwear in this one, but I didn't photograph it.
  • Treasure Chest 13 of 16
    Treasure Chest
    This is her treasure box that is supposed to hold her "secrets." I found her secrets were 20 markers, 1 crayon and a Valentine from last year. She's not allowed to have markers in her room. Surprise.
  • Purse 14 of 16
    4 necklaces, 3 homemade Christmas necklaces in a knot (they hit the trash right after this picture was taken), assortment of bracelets and rings. This is a wooden purse that is supposed to be for "display only" and I realized she's been using it to hoard jewelry in.
  • Reusable Grocery Bag 15 of 16
    Reusable Grocery Bag
    Dress up skirt (that's 2 now), inside out pajama top (the bottoms have yet to be recovered), 2 headbands, a roll of Christmas stickers, handwriting book and 30+ Silly Bandz.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter 16 of 16
    Like Mother, Like Daughter
    Yeah, yeah, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This is my pile of bags in the corner of my bedroom.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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