Am I the Only Mom Looking Forward to Back-to-School?

One more week! Just one more week.

Countdown to back-to-school has started for me. The first day has come and gone for many of you though as you sent your babes to class (again or for the first time) yesterday.

Many of my friends have shared their tears or their children’s tears from the first day of school and I know that feeling.

Last year, that was me! The year before that was even harder.

Since Speed was born, I have always been home with him. I quit my job when I was only 7 weeks pregnant with him. I was put on bedrest and had been through 3 losses before him — so I have been a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom since.

That means, before my kids started school they were rarely ever away from me. We didn’t do any daycare or preschool nor did we leave them with babysitters outside main family members. The summer before school we had them in one class a week (for 45 minutes) that was independent of us and that was their first experience.

With a year (or two) of school behind them, they are ready to go off to school and I am soooo ready for them to go back too. I am not at all bashing the moms who will be crying (I was there a few years ago in near tears), but this year I will be jumping for joy!

I am going to miss them  to the crazy degree … that’s a given. However, I am looking forward to finding a new routine. I will still have one kid at home (and so wanting to be pregnant again soon) so I won’t be lonely, but I going to enjoy the quiet. I get to dip my feet in still too because Speed is the only one gone 5 times out of the week.

I like how tired they are at the end since they are working their brain double time learning all in French. I am worried that for the challenges it will all bring, but overall — BRING ON BACK-TO-SCHOOL time!

Next year I imagine will be a different story for me when Bean heads off to school part-time and the older two gone full-time. Such a weird chapter in life, but oh so awesome!

:: Tell me, are YOU looking forward to back-to-school or will it be a transition for you? ::

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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