Am I the Only Parent Excited for My Kid to Start Kindergarten?

Thumbs Up For School!

My social streams have been flooded with laments these past two weeks.

Sadness, and emotional reflections from moms about their babies growing up and moving on to kindergarten.

The vast majority of posts I’m seeing on Facebook and Twitter from parents whose kids are already off to the big show are all about having a pang of sadness as their 5-year-olds move into kindergarten this fall — not here, I’m thrilled.

Am I the only parent who is beyond excited for my kid to start kindergarten tomorrow?

My oldest, Zacharie, is entering all-day kindergarten tomorrow. It’s his 3rd year at his school that he started at in preschool for 3 half-days a week. Last year he did 5 half-days, and this year he moves to all-day kindergarten.

Honestly? I would have liked it if school started a week ago; he has been going stir-crazy.

Maybe it’s a ‘working parent’ thing.

My wife and I both work outside the home. There’s a 5-7 hour window each day where one or both of us isn’t home.  We’re used to being away from the boys, so having them in school isn’t that much different than them staying home with our nanny.

The start of kindergarten doesn’t mark a significant change in our family dynamic. For us, it’s a chance for them to have a chance to meet others, have more structured learning, and be stimulated by the school environment.

“Like beach sand in my hand, I now blow the memories of your infancy to the wind.”

I’m even excited for our “baby” to start this week. Charlie, at 2 1/2, will be entering his first year of French immersion preschool. He’s been jealous of his big brother going to school for a while, and we’re excited to have him start as well.

There’s no redshirting going on here.  While we read a lot of books, speak multiple languages, practice letters, dance, and do puzzles. It’s hardly been homeschooling in our house.

Maybe it’s a ‘Dad thing’.

When I canvassed my Facebook followers, dads replied with a chorus of excitement for their kids to head off to the big brick buildings. @AndBrent is thrilled to pack his kids up this week.

Like beach sand in my hand, I now blow the memories of your infancy to the wind,” he wrote.

What a great sentiment.

My boys are still my boys.

I’m not going to spend a second weeping over the start of school. I’m thrilled for them to head back down the road to their future, and accomplishing all they for which are destined.

Tomorrow is not the end of anything, they’re still at the beginning.

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