Amazing! Pre-teen Breaks a Skateboarding Record

I’ve already admitted here on Babble Kids that I am a bit of a nervous mom. That being said, I try to support Anders’ interests even when they push me outside of my comfort zone. After all, kids are resilient and, while they aren’t as invincible as they think they are, I’ve witnessed my own take many a nasty spill and get right back up.

While I do my best to keep Anders from the scraped knees that come with bike riding around our neighborhood, there are other mothers who watch their children engage in much more dangerous pastimes. Case in point, the mother to 12-year-old Tom Schaar. Tom is no stranger to frequent tumbles. He’s been skateboarding since the age of 4, a hobby he picked up from his older brother, and he recently accomplished something the world’s greatest professional skateboarders have been attempting to pull off for more than half a decade.

After only a handful of attempts, Tom managed a 1080, a three-rotation aerial maneuver that had never been successfully completed before.

Tom talked about it with Ellen who says to him, “I can’t imagine being your mother.” I’m with you, Ellen.

Check out some of Tom’s amazing skateboarding moves here:

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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