And the Award Goes to … The Best Performances by Kids on YouTube!

With the Oscars just last night, it’s impossible to watch a news program or browse an entertainment site without seeing a story about who was nominated, who was overlooked, who won, and what designer labels people wore for their walk down the red carpet.

In honor of the awards show frenzy, I thought it would be fun to celebrate some amazing performances by kids who, although they’re not in contention for any awards, deserve to be recognized nonetheless.

Chances are good that you’ve seen a few of these kids make headlines in the past few years, and they definitely deserve to be acknowledged for the millions of YouTube views they’ve accumulated.

Check out my picks for a few different award categories below and then tell me who you think should be added to the list!

  • Best Choreography 1 of 8
    Best Choreography
    Little kids who dance are my favorite, and this kid brings it. He knows he's got moves and he's not afraid to bust 'em out.
  • Best Kiss 2 of 8
    Best Kiss
    There is something insanely adorable about these two. I want to bottle them up and keep them in my pocket. This video perfectly captures the innocence of a first kiss, and their jubilation afterwards is infectious. You can't help but smile.
  • Best Musical 3 of 8
    Best Musical
    If you look in the dictionary under "internet sensation," I'm pretty sure you'll see a picture of Sophia Grace. Her amazing rendition of "Super Bass" impressed TV show host Ellen DeGeneres enough that she was invited on the show and surprised with a duet with Nicki Minaj herself! If anyone deserves a Kid Oscar, it's this little performer.
  • Best Make Up 4 of 8
    Best Make Up
    Proper make up application is hard enough when you're an adult, so this little girl's skills should be awarded. Her two-handed brush technique is awesome. I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it without losing an eye.
    Watch the video here
  • Best Original Score 5 of 8
    Best Original Score
    As someone with zero musical talent, I'm in awe of anyone who can play an instrument, let alone compose their own pieces. And when it's a little kid? Forget about it. This little girl's talent completely blows me away.
  • Best Comedy 6 of 8
    Best Comedy
    There is no way to watch this video and not crack up. And with over a hundred million views, David definitely deserves an award for making so many people laugh.
  • Best Documentary 7 of 8
    Best Documentary
    Okay, so her facts about "Secc" (sex) are a little bit skewed, but that's what makes the explanation so awesome.
  • Best Drama 8 of 8
    Best Drama
    The horror of having fewer YouTube views than your arch nemesis is painfully evident in this video. But something tells me this little girl will pull through and be okay in the end.

Photo Credit: I Love Memphis via Flickr

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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