And The Oscar Goes To…My Messy Playroom

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And yes, that is true, those first impressions are pretty impossible to take back, aren’t they? We have to place a certain amount of judgement on what we first see. That’s just being human.

I had to laugh a few weeks ago when this post about messy playrooms was published on Strollerderby. My messy playroom was included in the mix, and I think mine would have won the Oscar for (A.) Messiest and (B.) Most Controversial.

I’d like to thank the Academy, my family and all of the children that contributed  to making this award possible…(sniff, sniff)

Babble’s Facebook readers didn’t hold back on their first impression of my kids messy play space. So here I am, attempting to grasp a second chance at that first impression and fill readers in on the story behind my award-winning playroom and why I love it so much. Oh yeah, and why you shouldn’t call CPS just yet.

Here is what readers had to say about our playroom…

  • Too Big 1 of 8
    Too Big
    Here is the flip side to the above photo. Our playroom is located in our unfinished 2,000 square-foot basement. Yes, it is big, but if you ask my kids, they'll tell you it's not too big. With 6 months of winter, the space downstairs becomes our playground on the weekends. They roller skate, ride bikes and can do pretty much anything down there.
  • Under Construction 2 of 8
    Under Construction
    Readers were concerned that the children would get splinters from the wood and several were appalled there were no walls. I'm here to put your minds at ease, my children are not monkeys that climb wood frames and we are in the process of finishing the basement. Which means the winter playground will have to disappear. My kids are not happy about it.
  • No Room to Roll & Jump 3 of 8
    No Room to Roll & Jump
    Another reader was concerned because kids need space to roll and jump. I promise, they have ample rolling and jumping space. It's the perfect spot for gymnastic routines!
  • Too Messy 4 of 8
    Too Messy
    Ahhh, the mess. You wouldn't believe me from the picture up top, but I'm a clean freak. The only reason there is a photo of the disaster is because I was just as appalled as you were when I saw it. That's what happens when a herd of neighborhood children are over and they let their curious hands dump out every toy bin imaginable. This is what the playroom looks like on a good day. When it does get messy, I find great comfort in shutting the door, walking upstairs and not stepping on it.
  • Over Indulged 5 of 8
    Over Indulged
    We have too many toys. I agree with this one. 7 years of Christmas presents, birthdays, and gifts from Grandparents and friends will plague any house with too many toys. I have a hard time throwing out a perfectly good train set when I know our babies will grow to want them too. I'm out on buying the same toys later on. As long as we have the space for them and they can fit comfortably in a labeled tote, I'm good. We do lots of de-junking throughout the year to try and keep it manageable.
  • Paint Cans & Leaf Blowers 6 of 8
    Paint Cans & Leaf Blowers
    I got a kick out of this one. One reader proclaimed to see a leaf blower and paint cans. I'm sorry to say that we prefer to sniff gasoline in our garage where our leaf blower is hanging securely on our wall (kidding!!). The paint cans are actually creative gifts we received with baby clothes in them. They now house crayons and puzzle pieces.
  • Chaos 7 of 8
    The mess does get chaotic, but luckily I don't see it every day. And my little ones know that they are responsible for cleaning up their own chaos or they don't get to have friends over or other privileges.
  • Kids Left Unattended All Day 8 of 8
    Kids Left Unattended All Day
    Someone was concerned that my kids are left unattended all day in the playroom. Unfortunately for my kids, they don't really have much time during the week to play down here. On the weekends, they disappear and hours later they call for us to come see what they have created. I've witnessed some pretty amazing forts and towers in this playroom. They would prefer to be left alone to do their thing. And I am totally fine with that. I'd rather have their creations then see them sit in front of a television all day.

One day this space will be walls and bedrooms and we’ll have to say goodbye to our winter playground. I think the kids will mourn that day.


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