How To Spot the 2 Most Annoying Types of Parents

We have all encountered them. Most of us loathe them and rarely will we admit that we are them. The parents who seem to respond to everything you say with some sort of rebuttal statement that turns the conversation to be about them.

We all know that parenting isn’t easy. Raising children at times can be frustrating and temporary insanity-inducing. To keep from going completely insane it’s very healthy to vent – to complain about those little or big things that drive us crazy. Naturally we want to vent to other parents – who should be able to ‘get it’.

If you happen to vent to the wrong parents your conversation will go in one of two ways. It will either become “why my kid is so much better then yours” or “why I have it so much harder then you”.

Why My Kid is So Much Better Than Yours” Parent

Personality Traits:

  • over achiever
  • perfectionist
  • competitive

How the conversation will go:
You: “Last night was total crap. My kid kept waking up every 3 hours. I am so tired today!
Them: “Oh wow. My kid has been sleeping with no problems for like years. Seriously he’s the best sleeper!

Why this is so annoying:
Parenting doesn’t come with a 100% ‘this is what you should do’ manual. Most of the time it’s a blend of how we were raised and our instincts guiding us into coping with the stresses and troubles in parenting. It is hard enough to get the nerve to talk about the parts of parenting that are crap – it’s all supposed to be roses and rainbows. When you do hit that point where a healthy vent is necessary – we don’t need to hear why you are able to keep the illusion of perfection. That’s just … annoying!

“Why I Have it So Much Harder Than You” Parent

Personality Traits:

  • under achiever
  • imperfectionist
  • competitive

How the conversation will go:
You: “Last night was total crap. My kid kept waking up every 3 hours. I am so tired today!
Them: “Oh my gawwwd. My kid was waking up every hour last night. The night before too. I am so beyond exhausted!

Why this is so annoying:
We are all pretty aware that there are others in life who will always have things ‘worse’ then we do. We all are aware that we should count our blessings, be thankful for what we have and so on. That doesn’t discount our need for healthy venting. I would say that most of us don’t like to complain. It takes a lot to need to complain and when you finally do and the other parent throws out the ‘my life is harder so you shouldn’t complain’ card it discredits our feelings. That’s just … annoying!

:: Have you encountered anyone in your life who fits one of the 2 most annoying types of parents? Are you one of them? ::

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