Are Teeth Like Bubble Gum?

In another effort to get out of the house and have a somewhat memorable Spring Break, we packed up a lunch yesterday and headed for our local Zoo. It was cloudy and chilly, and the Zoo’s proximity to the beach didn’t help matters any. They kids, of course, didn’t seem to notice how chilly it was and had a great time, as usual.

They spent the entire visit asking me when they could get ice cream. I was in more of a hot chocolate mood, but they refused to be deterred. So, after eating lunch next to the elephants, riding the train, and feeding the giraffes (for a mere $15!!!), we stopped and grabbed some ice cream on our way out.

And then tragedy struck.

As of yesterday, Dylan had lost 3 teeth. He also had 3 other teeth that were in various stages of looseness (that’s the technical term). About halfway through his chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, he started to complain that it was really hurting one of his loose teeth. In all of my dental knowledge, I told him to suck it up and try to bite/chew on the other side. This seemed to work, until a few minutes later when he turned to me with a look of concern on his face.

“Mommy! My tooth fell out!”

“It did?! Where is it?”

“I don’t know! I might have swallowed it! I bit into my sandwich and felt something hard, but I thought it was a chocolate chip.”

Oh. Gack. Ew.

We looked at the ground below where he’d been sitting and decided that it’s most likely he swallowed it. He was a bit concerned that a swallowed tooth is akin to swallowed bubble gum and will remain in your stomach for seven years. I assured him that this was not the case, although I really don’t want to spend too much time thinking about what exactly will happen to it.

His next concern was that the Tooth Fairy would skip him because he’d swallowed his tooth and had nothing to leave under his pillow. Once again, I told him that wasn’t the case. Thankfully, later that night he found a $1 bill next to our car in the Home Depot parking lot. I convinced him that it was from the Tooth Fairy and he believed me! Score!

Needless to say, it was an eventful day and not one we’ll soon forget. Spring Break success!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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