Are These Onesies Fun or Offensive?

"I'm peeing"

Maybe I’m the wrong person to ask. Because I don’t even like t-shirts for adults with sayings on them. I mean, what’s the point? You want to spend the day relating the same slogan to everyone you run into? Sure, I have been on the receiving end of a few World’s Greatest Mom t-shirts, but I wear those at my own risk, for the day I don one, it’s practically guaranteed that I’m going to be caught yelling at my kids in public. But I get it, adults can make their own decisions. If they want to wear a t-shirt with a saying, I’m pretty sure the First Amendment protects their right to do so.

But what about kids? Reading this post about 50 Shades of Grey inspired onesies made me think about the onesies that are out there. To be put on innocent babies.

I know that they are supposed to be humorous, but there is something about some of these these that makes me uncomfortable. Like hey, maybe your baby shouldn’t be fodder for your off-color humor?

Click through for some onesies that I think are in bad taste. What do you think? Am I just in a mood?

  • Oh, I get it! Because you’re nursing! 1 of 10
    Oh, I get it! Because you're nursing!
    What better way to announce to the world that your baby is breastfed than to put an almost expletive on his onesie! $15.99
  • I thought whatever happened in Vegas stayed there! 2 of 10
    I thought whatever happened in Vegas stayed there!
    A fun way to tell the world about your baby's conception.
    Etsy $15.00
  • Ugly is as ugly does, son! 3 of 10
    Ugly is as ugly does, son!
    This isn't a good way to get someone to hold your kid.
    Etsy $15.00
  • Who doesn’t? 4 of 10
    Who doesn't?
    Let me guess: Most kids wearing this onesie will be boys, right?
    Ebay $8.99
  • Because Mommy’s Little Helper is so 1970s! 5 of 10
    Because Mommy's Little Helper is so 1970s!
    There's no onesie that doesn't improve with a bit of sexism. Because only daddies pay taxes, don't you know!
    Ebay $8.99
  • And we’re all illiterate! 6 of 10
    And we're all illiterate!
    Apparently we're done with contractions after the birth!
    Ebay $8.99
  • Move over, daddy! 7 of 10
    Move over, daddy!
    With this onesie, there's no need to wait for the Oedipal complex to kick in!
    Etsy $15.00
  • Next time, go to the spa! 8 of 10
    Next time, go to the spa!
    If there's anything more glorious than this particular conception scenario, I've yet to hear about it. (Please let's keep it that way.)
    Ebay $8.99
  • Chicks are all over me 9 of 10
    Chicks are all over me
    I think this one is adorable. Especially for a baby girl.
    Ebay $8.99
  • Good to know! 10 of 10
    Good to know!
    After the back rub and the Vegas options, this one seems downright wholesome.
    Ebay $8.99

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