Dads Returning From War Videos

  • Did Someone Order a Hero In a Box? 1 of 10
    This soldier dad gives his kids a bit of a scare, but it doesn't stop them from welcoming him with a giant hug!
  • Daughter on Phone With Soldier Dad, Doesn’t Know Hes Already Home 2 of 10
    Maybe someone should pinch this little girl so she knows she's not dreaming!
  • Santa Delivers Wish For Soldiers Daughter 3 of 10
    This little girl asked for two things for Christmas: a blue truck and her daddy.
  • Dad, Home On Leave, Surprises Kids 4 of 10
    The high-pitched chorus of "Daddy!" when this soldier surprises his five children is just too much.
  • A Soldiers Gift 5 of 10
    You might want to keep the tissues nearby for this one.
  • Soldier Surprises Daughter At School 6 of 10
    Dad surprises his daughter at her middle school; he's so choked up during the interview, he can't even speak.
  • Best Reaction Ever 7 of 10
    This girl gives one of the biggest jaw-drop responses we've seen.
  • Soldier Surprises Preschooler 8 of 10
    The first thing this preschooler wants to do when she sees her dad again? Show him her artwork,of course!
  • Best Day of School Ever 9 of 10
    Flashing cameras don't bother this father-son pair one bit during their touching reunion.
  • Soldier in a Box: Take Two 10 of 10
    One of these little girls said, "All I want for Christmas is dad in a box." Well, ask and you shall receive!
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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