Aulani: My Favorite Vacation Memories with My Family

JD and I were lucky to visit Aulani A Disney Resort and Spa in freezing January. It’s a trip I’ll never, ever forget. I know it’s still on JD’s mind as he routinely asks, “Can we go to Hawaii today?” As if Hawaii is down the street like the ice cream place.

If we’re home, I sit him on my lap and we scroll through the 500 pictures on my computer that I took on our trip. I thought you might like a look, too. After the jump, images selected by JD. “These are the coolest, mom!”

  • Flying with Kids (IS RAD) 1 of 17
    Flying with Kids (IS RAD)
    Knock on wood. JD is an awesome little flyer. He colors, eats, sleeps, plays on his Innotab and watches DVD's. He was such a charmer on the flight to LAX, he got First Class ice cream.
  • Aulani is filled with Art 2 of 17
    Aulani is filled with Art
    The art you see behind the front desk was made by local children. How gorgeous is this?
  • Join the parade! 3 of 17
    Join the parade!
    We enjoyed the character breakfast most mornings! Who can pass up Mickey waffles—or the supervised kiddo parade that allows parents to chill and drink HOT coffee. Not me!
  • Surprise: Uncle Carlo Came! 4 of 17
    Surprise: Uncle Carlo Came!
    When my brother found out JD and I were going to Aulani he immediately decided he was coming. Ya know what? Glad he came! JD had a blast with his uncle.
  • Gorgeous Views 5 of 17
    Gorgeous Views
    It looked like this every single day. I look at this photo when I need to go to my "happy place."
  • Local artists are all the rage 6 of 17
    Local artists are all the rage
    Here I am with Kapa artist (pronounced Coppa!), Dalani Tanahy. The two pieces I'm holding are in my bedroom.
  • Quality Time 7 of 17
    Quality Time
    Face it: Life moves pretty fast. Getting to walk around barefoot and take in the views with your baby is pretty special. I will never forget this trip! Sniffle.
  • Playing 8 of 17
    Sitting in the sand and discussing what we should build was the hardest part of the day.
  • Character Breakfast! 9 of 17
    Character Breakfast!
    When Goofy met Goofy! (Sorry, bro!)
  • Let’s Party 10 of 17
    Let's Party
    There is no shortage of entertainment at Aulani A Disney Resort and Spa. One of our favorite experiences was the STARLIT HUI—a celebration that blends traditional Hawaiian and modern entertainment, including hula performers and cherished Disney Characters.
  • Child-Care? Yes Please 11 of 17
    Child-Care? Yes Please
    Aunty's Beach House is a kids club where younger guests explore Hawaiian culture, art and music! You can sign your child in for a little adult time, or like me, hang out and have fun! (OK, I let JD make space goo with Stitch and had a Mai Tai by the pool.)
  • Pearl Harbor Can’t Be Missed 12 of 17
    Pearl Harbor Can't Be Missed
    JD still talks about the "big battle boats!"
  • Local Attractions 13 of 17
    Local Attractions
    Visiting Pearl Harbor was an intense and beautiful experience. I am so happy we got to see it as a family. ("They're kissing, mommy!") I will show JD these pics when he studies Pearl Harbor in History class.
  • Yummy Treats! 14 of 17
    Yummy Treats!
    JD got a snow cone the size of his head twice a day! Hey we were on vacay!
  • Lei-Making 15 of 17
    I will always remember JD stringing flowers on a string, placing it over my head and saying, "for you, mama!"
  • Water Park Fun! 16 of 17
    Water Park Fun!
    JD loved Menehune Bridge—an interactive play area that features 3 slides, a play structure and shallow pool. Fine, I loved it, too! Whawhooooo!
  • Family Fun! 17 of 17
    Family Fun!
    It's no secret. I love my fam and I'm close with both of my brothers. It was awesome to have Carlo along. Even when we watched ABC's 20/20's "Vacation Disasters" in the hotel room after a long day. (I didn't freak out or anything, no, not me. LOL)

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Disclosure: In 2012 we were invited to visit Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa where *some* amenities were paid for (this trip was not free). Uncle Carlo paid for his entire trip. I was not asked to write about our experience and I do not endorse or represent brands named in this blog. 

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