Awkward Family Vacation Photos

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The Clark Griswold in all of us has big expectations for family vacation fun.

With summer right around the corner, we’re all busy planning, packing, and of course, charging our cameras to capture every cherished moment for years to come.

The thing is, not every picture comes out as planned. Sometimes those pictures that start out seeming like a good idea go horribly, horribly wrong.

Just ask my good friends at Awkward Family Photos who have been spreading awkwardness all over the Internets for our squirming pleasure.

Take a look at these awesomely awkward family vacation photos after the jump!

  • Um, yeah 1 of 10
    Um, yeah
    I'll refrain from the "hump" jokes; way too obvious.
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  • Barrel of awkward 2 of 10
    Barrel of awkward
    If you ever once thought hot tubbing was sexy, you don't anymore.
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  • Unamusement park 3 of 10
    Unamusement park
    No doubt this was the longest 120 seconds of this poor girl's life.
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  • Trophy mom 4 of 10
    Trophy mom
    Oh, like you've never done this on a family vacation.
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  • Beary scary 5 of 10
    Beary scary
    "Say cheese! Never mind that ferociously hungry bear behind you."
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  • Keep smiling 6 of 10
    Keep smiling
    I have no words. Actually, I have one word: Eww.
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  • Love or war? 7 of 10
    Love or war?
    It's hard to tell if these kids are kissing or wrestling. Whatever they're doing it's obviously normal behavior, just look at Mom not giving a damn.
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  • Pickaxes and polar bears 8 of 10
    Pickaxes and polar bears
    Under the distinct threat of polar bear domination, this might make perfect sense. I said might.
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  • To tie dye for 9 of 10
    To tie dye for
    Causing hallucinations wherever they go, this matchy-matchy family is looking all kinds of hippie cool.
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  • Making a splash 10 of 10
    Making a splash
    I imagine 3.2 seconds before this picture was taken the man said something like, "Hang on, let me make sure the self-timer is working."
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