Babble Announced the Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs of 2013. Love That So Many of My Favorites Made the List!

Yesterday, Babble announced the Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs of 2013 and as I scrolled through the list, I was so excited to see so many of my favorites! Men and women who I’ve come to know through this virtual space, a select few I’ve had the pleasure to meet in person. A community of individuals, I’ve come to rely on for advice, comfort and laughter when needed.

When my son Norrin was first diagnosed, I didn’t know anyone raising a kid with autism. All I had were books. And while they were helpful, it wasn’t like reading a blog.

What I love about blogs is that they’re written in real time, and often filled with raw emotion and the hope that comes with everyday life. I am following these parents through the their journey. Blogs were my first step at building a network of parents who understood me and what I was feeling. After Norrin was diagnosed, blogs filled a void that no one else could. Yesterday, I was reminded of when I first started blogging and why.

I love so many of the blogs on Babble’s Top 30 List but these five mean something extra special to me.

  • 5 Bloggers I Love & Why I Love Them 1 of 6
    5 Bloggers I Love & Why I Love Them
    Click through the photos and meet some pretty special women making a difference.
  • Try Defying Gravity 2 of 6
    Try Defying Gravity
    Alysia, Try Defying Gravity. When I met Alysia last year at a blog conference, She was friendly but shy. But once she started talking about her kids, autism and lack of services she became passionate, outspoken and I knew she was a force to be reckoned with. Please be sure to read The Ballad of Senseability Gym and you'll understand why I think Alysia is pretty amazing.
  • Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles 3 of 6
    Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles
    Flannery, Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles. I stumbled upon Flannery's blog a little over a year ago and she's been making me laugh since. One of my favorite posts is one she wrote in response to the stress of autism moms. Flannery shares some pretty hilarious Coping Strategies
  • Adventures in Extreme Parenthood 4 of 6
    Adventures in Extreme Parenthood
  • Stimeyland 5 of 6
    Jean aka Stimey, Stimeyland. I met Jean briefly at a conference (the same one I met Alysia) and her smile brightened the room. As an autistic adult and an autism mom, I love and value Jean's perspective on everything. I even read the posts about rodents (and I don't even like rodents). Reading this post, will definitely make you feel like you're not alone.
  • The Domestic Goddess 6 of 6
    The Domestic Goddess
    Marj, The Domestic Goddess Marj's blog was one of the very first blogs I started reading. I was so moved by her, that I went back and read all of her first posts. That's when I know I really enjoy reading a blog. I searched last night, trying to find one of my favorite posts but there are just too many to choose from. But this one will make you smile. I am just in awe of her honesty, her strength, her sense of humor and the love she has for her boys. Marj's words are as comforting to me as potatoes and bacon.

Now there are five other bloggers that I love that are not on the list but I’m hoping to see them in the Top 30 next year. Go ahead and check them out:

What are your favorite Autism Spectrum Blogs?

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