Babies Don't Make Me Swoon Anymore

I wrote an article here on Babble, Baby Fever: Should We Have a Third Child? where I waffled back in approximately 1,200 words about the baby decision.

I realized something really mind blowing today: Babies don’t make me swoon anymore. How’s that for a revelation? I was like, whoa; that’s big.

Yes, babies are so precious that I want to eat them in a totally healthy and normal, don’t call CPS on me sorta way.

No, I don’t want to haul their stuff around or feed them at 3 am.

I’m starting to feel more than ever like my family’s complete. I like our mobility and our dynamic. I like being the bad cop, with my huz as the good cop, Boy Wonder as the moody artist and BooBoo as the comedian. It works.

I never did get my baby girl but I’ve made peace with the lack of estrogen in this place. I might be ready to go on record and say goodbye to the possibility of another for good.

I know them be some big words but there’s a lot to be said for spacing. My kids are nearly 5 years apart and now that BooBoo is 4 years old, adding another would stretch out this motherhood gig out even longer. Whoa, that came out wrong. Once a mother, always a mother but you know what I mean. My kids are now well, kids. No more babies, no more toddlers, no more sleepless nights. Truth be told, I sort of like worrying about things other than immunization schedules and fine motor development. Having grown accustomed to issues relating to school readiness, sight words and mathematical arrays, I’m not sure I could go back to sore nipples and diaper rash.

Is it wrong to say those things out loud? Is karma going to impregnate me now? (She’s so like that you know.)

Where are you on the baby question? Game over or going for another round? I know it’s rude to ask but we’re friends so it’s cool.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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