Back-to-School Blast: My Mom Uniform

You are probably going nuts right now getting your kids outfitted for school. I personally almost had a heart attack plopping down $150 simoleons on school fees alone.

Nevertheless—you need to get your Mom uniform squared away before your schedule gets too hectic. I’ve rounded up a few basics that I wear every week while I’m running around doing mom things.

This is not an inspiration board of gorgeous clothes from around the Internet. These are real things that fit my real body. I’m jiggly in places, but I like to think I’m still in the game. Take a look and let me know what your uniform is and why it works for you.

  • Long, Dark, Skinny Jeans 1 of 12
    Long, Dark, Skinny Jeans
    These are my favorite jeans. They are stretchy and wearable, dark and skinny, but not obscene or crack- flaunting. You can pull these off, for sure. And you should. Because it's hard to look modern without jumping on the skinny jean trend.
  • Striped Shirt 2 of 12
    Striped Shirt
    I like something a little nautical on top. I bought these in every color because, quite simply, they are $4.99.
  • 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan 3 of 12
    3/4 Sleeve Cardigan
    You can almost wear cardigans year-round. Get some solid colors to wear with your striped shirts and. . .
  • Striped Cardigan 4 of 12
    Striped Cardigan
    A striped one to wear with solid shirts.
  • Lounge Pants 5 of 12
    Lounge Pants
    These are your pajamas. You sleep in them. But if you get a decent pair, you can drive the car pool in them and pretend you were just at the gym.
  • A Hoodie 6 of 12
    A Hoodie
    Sometimes you have to drop the kids off before you have time to put on a bra. In the name of all that is decent, put on a cute, non-ragged hoodie.
  • A Sweater Coat 7 of 12
    A Sweater Coat
    Or as I like to call it, my "car robe." Find a long sweater that you love and put it on. Bam. You're dressed.
  • A Trench Coat 8 of 12
    A Trench Coat
    Want to be an enviable with-it mom? All you have to do is put on a trench coat. Mine is Esprit via TJ Maxx.
  • Toms 9 of 12
    You need a good slip-on option. (Think "slippers.") Toms work. One for One is a nice idea.
  • Ballet Flats 10 of 12
    Ballet Flats
    Ballet flats go with everything. I just got some on sale at Macy's.
  • Clean Sneaks 11 of 12
    Clean Sneaks
    They can be any fun, low profile sneakers. I like Chucks. I feel like I shouldn't wear old beat up sneakers anymore. Get some new ones if you see them on sale.
  • Funky Bracelets 12 of 12
    Funky Bracelets
    Stretchy bracelets are easy to wear. Or you can try a spiky cuff. If you choose to wear a stack of bangles instead, remember that Nina Garcia says, "Always wear at least 7."

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