Bad Little Children's Books: 9 Kid Lit Parodies That Will Make You Laugh

One of Anders and Danica’s favorite books to read at bedtime is Look! A Book by Bob Staake. If it isn’t a part of your home library yet, I highly recommend it. The illustrations are amazingly detailed and, on top of being a great read, each page is a seek and find. Every time we read it we find something new.

Recently, I stumbled across a different kind of project by Staake. One geared less towards children and more towards a parent in need of a chuckle. Who knew a children’s book illustrator could have such an adult sense of humor?

Staake has created a collection of what he calls “Bad Little Children’s Books,” satirical parodies of kid literature covers from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Check them out after the jump:

  • Secret garden 1 of 9
    Secret garden
    Pass on grass, kids.
  • This dollhouse will do 2 of 9
    This dollhouse will do
    ...until you're mature enough to visit a nearby swamp.
  • Is there a baby in your belly? 3 of 9
    Is there a baby in your belly?
    What kid hasn't committed this embarrassing social mis-step?
  • Plastic like Barbie 4 of 9
    Plastic like Barbie
    They start early these days.
  • Here, kitty, kitty 5 of 9
    Here, kitty, kitty
    Kittens can't make this less horrifying.
  • I don’t believe them 6 of 9
    I don't believe them
    This is what it would look like if Stephen King wrote children's books.
  • Daddy dearest 7 of 9
    Daddy dearest
    The reality of family road trips in one color picture book.
  • Nutrition facts 8 of 9
    Nutrition facts
    Carnival food is one of the basic food groups as far as I'm concerned.
  • Insects beware 9 of 9
    Insects beware
    In the next addition - frying techniques. It comes with a free magnifying glass, kids!

For more of Bob Staake’s children’s book parodies check out his site.

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