Truly Terrible Temper Tantrums

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    You know how this goes. You’re in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable moment when your child has the kind of frenzied outburst that should be reserved for a situation in which someone is trying to sever her head from her body. What do you do? Anything to get through the moment. And afterward, you watch these videos and realize you’re not the only one whose kid has gone a little, er, nuts.

  • The Most Unhappy Hiker 2 of 17
    This little girl missed her nap and hiked all day and now is stuck on a road trip. Time for a tantrum!
  • Cake Crazy 3 of 17
    This little boy doesn't want to share the birthday cake. Too bad it's Dad's birthday!
  • Brilliant Birth Control? 4 of 17
    This condom advertisement used the storyline of grocery store breakdowns to encourage safe sex.
  • Can You See Me? 5 of 17
    Every toddler knows a tantrum is hardly worth throwing without an audience.
  • Going Gaga For Gaga 6 of 17
    This young fan just wants to hear "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. Really badly.
  • Maybe Shell Be A Director? 7 of 17
    This little girl is dying to play camerawoman — the real fun begins at 0:40. But fast forward to the end to watch her father distract her by tossing her into the air. Nice technique, Dad!
  • How To Throw A Tantrum 8 of 17
    In case your little one isn't up to speed, here are step-by-step instructions from a (momentarily) calm mentor.
  • Bawling For Blankie 9 of 17
    When a security blanket gets thrown in the wash, this little girl feels like her whole world is being washed away.
  • Another High Decibel Duo 10 of 17
    These adorable toddler twins coordinate everything — their dresses, sippy cups, and ear-piercing screams.
  • Twin Tantrums 11 of 17
    Double the fun? Not when it comes to tantrums. Go to 2:55 to see some stealing and 4:50 for some sweet sharing.
  • Some Start Early 12 of 17
    Sure, the toddler years are prime time for tantrums. But this precocious 9-month-old gives the older kids a run for their money.
  • Happy Mothers Day 13 of 17
    At least this mom has one sweet, smiling child to make her glad she's a mom!
  • Lets Get Happy 14 of 17
    This toddler does a 180 from distraught to delightful when she realizes Mom is filming her.
  • How To End A Tantrum, Part II 15 of 17
    Got brothers? Got an iPhone? You're good to go.
  • And How To End A Tantrum, Part I 16 of 17
    We love this dad's gentle, soothing approach — and the sister's choice to just laugh at her brother's antagonistic antics.
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