11 Cases Of Christmas Fail

christmasfailIt’s a crazy time of year. I know.

We ALL know.

Concerts, practices, exams, year end reports — oh, and lots of holiday parties, shopping, cooking, and baking tossed in the mix.

It’s hard to get it all done just right, but it’s the thought that counts — right? Well, no, not always.

While it’s true that not everyone can be as wonderful as the stock photography families at Christmas, at least put in a little bit of effort.

Check out these 11 photos of people who put the MEH in Meh-rry Christmas.

  • Christmas Wrapping 1 of 11
    Christmas Wrapping
    If you're going to suck at Christmas wrapping, leave it to a professional. Crap Wrap is an actual service that takes pride in how crap they wrap.

    via Crap Wrap
  • Lights Are Up! 2 of 11
    Lights Are Up!
    Congratulations, chum. You win Christmas.

    via Deviant Art
  • Bad Santa 3 of 11
    Bad Santa
    I know Billy Bob Thornton is Bad Santa, but this one ... um ... takes the cake.

    via Cake Wrecks
  • Meh 4 of 11
    This one is a very interesting oxymoron. I string the lights every year along the garage and in front of the porch. It's a straight line and takes 20 minutes. Spelling a word? That takes some effort, there Ebenezer.

    via Rob Arnie and Dawn
  • Greetings Season 5 of 11
    Greetings Season
    This is how little you care, really? Really?! I mean ... REALLY?

    via Hypervocal
  • Ditto 6 of 11
    It sucks being Buddy the Elf's next door neighbor. So what can you do other than wave a white flag in defeat?

    via Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Stockings Are Hung 7 of 11
    Stockings Are Hung
    The stocking was taped to the wall with care... Maybe buy an extra hook and stocking for next year, bro?

    via Imgur
  • Stella Tree 8 of 11
    Stella Tree
    Oh Stella Tree, oh Stella Tree ... we made you out of empties.

    via Chris Robertshaw
  • Keg 9 of 11
    If you have this many kegs lying around, there's a reason you're not driving out and chopping down a real tree.

    via Really Funny Pictures
  • Bird Bath 10 of 11
    Bird Bath
    At least the guy who taped his sock to the wall used clear tape to make it less obvious he was slacking.

    via Hypervocal
  • Treasy 11 of 11
    Okay, I get you don't want to travel to Vermont and chop your own tree down, but you can do better than a popup metal tree.

    via Gizmag


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