Batman Forever: My Halloween On Repeat

Anders was ten months old for his first Halloween. He was not yet old enough to express interest in any costume in particular and I thought it would be adorable to dress him as a monkey. Judging by the howling screams, the back arching, and the tears that were shed that All Hallow’s Eve, I deduce that he did not agree with me.

The following year, though he was just shy of two years old, we decided to get his input on what he would like to dress as for the occasion.

“Batman!” He squealed.

“Batman? You’re sure?”

“Yes, mommy. Batman with a cape and a mask.”

So, Batman it was for year two and then again for year three and once again for year four. Every year I ask and every year he stands firm in his decision to dress as the Caped Crusader. Here we are on our fifth Halloween and some things never change. This year he has even gotten his lovey in on the action.

I don’t know if or when Anders will change his taste in Halloween attire, but it becomes more difficult each year to find a different costume from year’s past.  Sometimes I suspect this is all an elaborate plot of his to punish me for that first year I had the audacity to dress him as a monkey.

Now for a look at my Halloween on repeat and the many faces of the Dark Knight.


  • Year One: Batman Begins 1 of 6
    Year One: Batman Begins
  • Year Two: Batman Continues 2 of 6
    Year Two: Batman Continues
  • Year Three: Batman Returns… 3 of 6
    Year Three: Batman Returns...
  • …With a Sidekick 4 of 6
    ...With a Sidekick
  • Year Four: Batman Forever? 5 of 6
    Year Four: Batman Forever?
  • And New This Year: Batdog 6 of 6
    And New This Year: Batdog


Anyone else living in the Halloween edition of Groundhog Day?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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