Beaver Babies Help Parents Talk About The Birds And The Bees

“Mommy? Where do babies come from?”

Do you have cold sweats awaiting that conversation with your kids?

I’m thinking the younger you have the conversation, the better. When kids become more aware of their bodies, it can get a little awkward. They’ll ask too many questions, need to know too many details. When they’re 4 or 5 you can toss a couple of quick answers at them and then distract them with a Lego brick.

We’ve had discussions with our 5 year old where babies come from. He knows they grow in Mommy’s tummy, and when they’re ready they come out through the bagina. (V’s are hard to pronounce some times.)

He asks random questions about why boy bodies are different than girl bodies, but it’s nothing too difficult or too awkward to explain. Notice I said knows where babies come from, he doesn’t necessarily know how babies are made. That one’s gonna give me sweats.

If you’re finding yourself facing the tough questions about how babies are born, made, and arrive on this planet, check out One Classy Motha‘s Beaver Baby kits and loosen up!

  • Beaver Babies! 1 of 13
    Beaver Babies!
    One Classy Motha is Kim, "a wife and mother, humorist, crafter, and a half-assed do-it-yourselfer." Beaver Babies were born when she saw similar felt chicken and egg dolls at a craft show. Click through to see her humorous take on the birds and the bees.
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • Yes, That’s A Vagina 2 of 13
    Yes, That's A Vagina
    Kim calls her toys a "vag-ucational" tool to help parents get over the hump. Ahem. When Kim saw the chicken / egg craft she turned to her Mother-in-law and said "How awesome would it be to make a vagina that reverses into a baby! Pubic hair and all! Needless to say, she was horrified and I was already designing it in my head."
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • Head Out 3 of 13
    Head Out
    Kim admits these are not meant to actually teach kids about the birds and the bees. She sews the babies when her kids are around but she saves the "vaginas for late at night, when they're sleeping. After 9pm, my family room becomes a whacked sweatshop. My husband usually passes through shaking his head."
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • It’s A Boy! 4 of 13
    It's A Boy!
    When you turn the vagina inside out you get ... a perfectly swaddled boy? Is that how it works? Kim says "I love to make people laugh, and I knew that the shock and awe of the Beaver Babies would accomplish just that."
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • It’s A Girl! 5 of 13
    It's A Girl!
    Of course it's not always a boy, sometimes you get a perfect girl! Kim says the response has been exactly what she expected: "They make people laugh with a mixture of love and disgust, which is exactly what I was going for."
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • What About C-Sections? 6 of 13
    What About C-Sections?
    Not all babies come from a vagina, and Kim has that covered. "Due to reader feedback, I also created the C-Section baby I didn't want to leave anyone out in the miracle of birth crafting."
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • Almost There! 7 of 13
    Almost There!
    Yes, she just called these dolls "the miracle of birth crafting."
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • It’s A .. Green Baby? 8 of 13
    It's A .. Green Baby?
    Oh, did I mention Kim has these dolls for sale and people are buying them?! "I've sold quite a few of them," she says. "It seems that most were purchased as gifts: baby shower, new baby gift, gifts to Labor & Delivery nurses, etc."
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • Yes, That’s A Penis 9 of 13
    Yes, That's A Penis
    Now that we've covered where babies come from, how about how they are made.
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • Are You Laughing Yet? 10 of 13
    Are You Laughing Yet?
    Yes, the penis turns inside out just like the vagina to reveal ...
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • Spunkie The Sperm 11 of 13
    Spunkie The Sperm
    I'd pay to see the look on your kids' faces when you explained this one to them.
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • DIY 12 of 13
    While Kim sells the dolls, she also offers a complete DIY so you crafty crafters can celebrate "the miracle of birth crafting" at home.
    Images via One Classy Motha
  • Real Tips 13 of 13
    Real Tips
    Now that you've had a good laugh courtesy of One Classy Motha, check out Devan McGuinness' post with 7 REAL tips for talking to your kids about the birds and the bees.
    Image via Babble

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