Because You Have Way Too Much Stuff: A Safer, Mobile Alternative to Craigslist

Here’s the thing, we have way too much stuff in our garage. Before we acquired two kids, we had two cars parked in our garage at all times. My husband was really big on that. He’d look at our neighbor’s garages packed full of everything from baby swings to old bikes and smugly say, “If they aren’t using that stuff they should get rid of it.”

Fast forward two kids and now we’re the people parking outside of our garage because of baby swings and old tricycles. According to a 2011 NPD Group research study, the average U.S. household has more than $7,000 worth of unused items! Um, I could use an extra $7,000. I seriously want to get rid of this stuff but I’m nervous about the 330 crimes and 12 deaths linked to Craigslist between 2010 and 2011. I’m home all day with two kids and having strangers stop by as I attempt to pawn my wares isn’t exactly the safest thing in the world.

That’s why I was so thrilled when I discovered OfferUp, a free, simple mobile marketplace app with unique safety features to buy and sell gently-used items.

How is OfferUp different? I’m glad you asked.

OfferUp’s “Snap and Tap” app to allows you to snap a pic and post your gently-used items for sale in under a minute and BOOM! Your items are listed on OfferUp’s mobile marketplace and website. No need to connect to a PC! You can even easily share your listing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or send emails to individuals or groups. 

Now let’s talk safety. The OfferUp TruYou member program allows buyers and sellers provide information that validates their identities. Earning your TruYou member status is totally easy, all you have to do is provide additional information including a simple scan of your driver’s license, which enables each person’s identity to be cross referenced with public records. Hey, I’ve got nothing to hide and I only want to deal with folks who have nothing to hide either. As an added bonus, OfferUp offers in-app private messaging to keep buyer and seller identities anonymous until both parties decide to share private information. 

I’m super excited to get started cleaning out my garage! OK, the cleaning out part isn’t exciting but the parking inside of my garage sure is. Seriously, the temperature inside my car yesterday was 98°F! You know what else is exciting, deciding how I’m going to spend all the money I make…decisions, decisions…

Check out OfferUp here and join me in getting rid of the clutter and making some bucks!

Do you have tons of stuff to get rid of?

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