Meet The Family With Five Straight Generations Of Teen Moms

Family With 6 Generations Living At OnceLast week, Meagan Francis, encouraged women to start having babies younger. She had 2 kids before she turned 21 and wondered aloud why more people aren’t having kids younger.

Meagan says that becoming a mother allowed her to find “my voice, my vision and my adulthood.” I’m guessing many people delay childrearing because they don’t need piles of diapers to motivate them to become an adult, but that’s just the snark talking.

Francis’ early childbearing years are perhaps a bit of an outlier to today’s delayed parenting trend, but nothing compared to Priscilla Steiner’s story.

Priscilla gave birth to a baby boy this week, and named him Ethan. With that her family instantly had 6 living generations.

That’s Ethan, his mom, his grandma, his great grandmother, his great great grandmother, AND his great great great granmdother. Six living generations at once is something genealogists rarely see, as they consider 5 living generations to be extraordinary.

His mom is 19. His grandmother is 34. His great-grandmother is 51. His great great grandmother is 68, his great great great grandmother is 86. Wow.

Do the math, and that’s 5 straight generations of teen moms with an average age at birth of 17.2.

Before you get all Judge Judy about this family habit, listen to grandmother Stephanie Steiner talk. She’ll tell you about how Christmases are filled with huge numbers of family, lots of food, presents, and love.

“It’s pretty good, there’s a lot of support, love,” Priscilla told the CBC. “It’s good for the baby to have a big, nice family.”

Fair enough, but holy cow.

I recently tried to trace my family tree in Scotland and I reached a few dead ends. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have 6 generations of my family alive at once.

Great great great grandma, Doreen Byers insists she’ll live past 100, that’s plenty of time for Ethan to grow up and bring generation number 7 into the fold, something mom says isn’t going to happen, like it did for every mom before her.

“Nope, my baby is not bringing home a baby,” she giggled.

(Aside: 34 is young to be a grandmother, but it’s not a record. The world’s youngest grandmother was just 23.)

How old were you when you became a parent? When do you expect to become a grandparent?

Image via CBC

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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