Bella and the New Mexico Pumpkin Patch

Bella and the New Mexico Pumpkin PatchLast weekend, we headed out to New Mexico to go to a pumpkin patch/farm called La Union. It’s known for the huge corn maze they design every year. We never make it through, but we went to let Bella have some fun and choose a few pumpkins for us to carve.

Most of which are still in the back of the car – come to think of it.

Anyway, parenting fail aside, we had the best time. They have a petting zoo, a bounce pillow, food like roasted corn and pulled brisket, a tractor that pulls you out to the pumpkin patch, and slides made of huge plastic pipes.

I took my camera that doesn’t get as much use as it should, and was determined to get some shots that captured where we live and just how Bella looks right now at almost 4.

For some reason, October seems to be the month where I realize just how much she’s grown. It must be because her birthday is so close, it makes me wistful. Then I look back from the year before when I thought the same and think, “Look how tiny she was!”

Here are some photos from our special day:


  • Duck Race 1 of 16

    Bella loved seeing the rubber ducks float away down the pipes by water she pushed out. Those sunglasses are Cars and light up on the sides. We take them everywhere. 

  • How Does It Work? 2 of 16

    She asked about why the ducks would only go all the way if she kept pumping the water. Otherwise they got stuck. It was a good lesson in motion and force. 

  • Giant Sandbox 3 of 16

    The sandbox drew her in right away. All those trucks to play with. The only reason she stopped was because it started getting in her shoes, and she doesn't take kindly to being uncomfortable. 

  • Hola 4 of 16

    This goat. I got the SAME shot last year of him in this window of the pen. Cracks me up. 

  • Perspective 5 of 16

    Then another came along and butted him out. They looked so ridiculous. And their creepy little slanted eyes are so strange. 

  • Feeding Time 6 of 16

    I don't know if there is anything a lot cuter than a baby goat. Except, again, those eyes of theirs. I can't seem to get past that...

  • Baby Goats 7 of 16

    Bella thought it was pretty cool that they ate right out of her hand. 

  • Angry Birds 8 of 16

    These chickens were possessed by Satan. They seriously were so angry and evil - and not because they were caged up or anything. They were in a huge pen with fresh food and water, but they just were like angry chickens that wanted to jump up and peck at you through the cage. Then hop down and fight each other. 

  • Peeking 9 of 16

    This was a pen that bunnies were sleeping in. 

  • Because They’re Hungry 10 of 16

    Picking grass for all the animals, but the only ones interested were the chickens. I think that's because it offered them a chance to peck her. 

  • Miss Cool 11 of 16

    Those shades. That stance. I asked her to just smile for the camera and this is what I got. ::sobs:: Where did my baby go?

  • La Union 12 of 16

    This was only a small part of the farm, but they had tents to eat, a racetrack in the back, and a giant slide to the right. We declined to take her up because the line was a mile long and by 12pm it was almost 90* out. 

  • The Best Pumpkin 13 of 16

    We must have walked a mile out in the pumpkin patch looking for "the best pumpkin." The colder nights here had affected a lot of them already, but Bella managed to find one that wasn't all squishy. Then it was too big - so guess who ended up carrying it all over?

  • Pumpkin Patch 14 of 16

    A shot of the pumpkin patch. It stretched out for acres. 

  • Beauty in Dust 15 of 16

    In the middle of the dirt, rotting pumpkins, leaves, and vines, there were these little purple flowers entwined all over. 

  • For the Boys 16 of 16

    Sam grabbed three little white pumpkins. I had no idea why we needed them until he simply said, "One for each of the boys." What a good man I married. 


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