My Daughter Bella, the Flower Girl

Bella with AuntieToday my little sister was married, and my daughter Bella was the flower girl. This was something she’d been waiting months for. She’d also been the flower girl at my brother’s wedding two years ago, but at two-and-a-half she was a bit too young to remember.

She’d seen our wedding pictures a few months ago and asked if that was when I was a princess. I told her it was a special day when I felt like a princess, and her aunt was going to feel the same way. From then on, she referred to this day as, “The day Ampie Aly gets to be a princess.”

Bella wanted to know if I lived in a castle after I got married. I told her laughingly that it was more like a one bedroom apartment over a coffee shop. Close.

We practiced yesterday for the ceremony. Today we realized the roses came with just the center out but still all together — so when she tossed them, they landed and petals went all over. She had a lot of fun doing a few practice rounds.

As we got ready to walk, her little sandals went on, and she looked up at me in tears, telling me, “Mama, these hurt my feet so bad.” I hadn’t even thought to have her walk in them before — just little flip flops. But I saw that the thong of the sandal was in-between her toes. She said she could make the short walk down the aisle, then the sandals came off and the TOMS were back on.

Being the only (living) grandchild, she’s the center of attention at our family events. This was no different. She loves her auntie and stuck close to her during the reception and danced with my parents and Daddy at the end. Then she danced by herself while holding onto a rose and chatting to anyone that would listen.

We had a few fits over letting ladybugs go. She had six at one point, and two peed on her dress. Then she was cranky about food and having to eat anything before she ate cake. But overall, she did amazingly well. I was impressed that she held out for hours without a nap or much to eat that morning.

I promised pictures so here’s one of my fave above. This is the bride (my sister) at the reception. The bottom part of their dresses match in the way they fold down. Isn’t it darling?

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