Bella’s 4th Birthday Party in Pictures

Saturday we celebrated Bella’s 4th birthday at our home with her friends.

It was lovely. I think it probably was the best birthday we’ve had so far. We kept it simple with a veggie tray, pizza, and cake – and special cookies we had made with Bella’s favorite stuffed animal on them.

She had so much fun. 7 of her little friends came (and a big sister to help all of them out), the parents, and our sitter. They all played outside with the dads, burning off the sugar, while us women got to talk and eat. IN SILENCE.

We didn’t even know what to do with ourselves.

I remembered to charge my camera beforehand, so I was able to grab shots throughout the party of Bella and her friends. Thankfully, they’re all awesome about me posting pictures here, so that makes my editing a lot easier. She had so much fun with them all.

Here’s a look at Bella’s 4th birthday party:


  • Decor 1 of 15

    We set up our dining room for the cake/pizza part of the party. I love how simple and pretty it turned out. 

  • Custom Cookies 2 of 15

    My Instagram buddy Alexis made these (by hand y'all - I can barely cook Jiffy corn muffins). They were a huge hit at the party, especially for Bella, who is in love with this dragon.

    Alexis is a work-at-home mom who has a real talent for design and does this in her spare time. Find her on Instagram @cookiesandbaby or Facebook at Cookies by Alexis.

  • Tabletop 3 of 15

    This was a shot of me laying everything out. The balloons in the corner were a 3-tiered cake and the number 4. One popped on the way home, but Bella just couldn't let that one one go!

  • Birthday Girl 4 of 15

    It seemed right to buy Bella a ribbon saying "Happy Birthday to Me" since that was seriously all she could talk about for days. She even renamed herself from Bella to "Birthday Girl." Sunday was a hard let-down. 

  • Kids Table 5 of 15

    I fell in love with these little party hats - and since Bella loves Pooh, I figured they'd be perfect. Then we stuffed little "thank you" bags for her friends, and used her well-loved Ikea table to host those and the drinks. 

  • Friends 6 of 15

    My friends make adorable kids. The End. 

  • Arrival 7 of 15

    She kept asking, "When are they going to sing Happy Birthday to me?" She'd been practicing on her stuffed animals for days. As Daddy carried in the cake (while I tried not to hover in preparation of catching), we all sang. 

  • Love 8 of 15

    It was love at first sight. 

  • Waiting 9 of 15

    I tried to get my camera to take shots in the nearly dark room while she waited patiently to blow out the candles. 

  • Us 10 of 15

    One of my friends offered to take our picture together. You can see here that Bella is getting slightly irritated about the cake waiting. 

  • Make a Wish 11 of 15

    We actually didn't tell her to make a wish. I had forgotten and then by the time she could have, I realized that would come with a million questions about why. So we just went with her blowing out all the candles. 

  • Patience 12 of 15

    Waiting to open her presents!

  • It’s a… 13 of 15

    One of the gifts from "Ampie Kim" was a HUGE hit with Bella. I managed to capture her face but forgot to up the shutter speed. 

  • Piglet! 14 of 15

    Yes, a Piglet. She adored all her presents, but this one really made her day. She's been talking about "needing" all the characters for a while now. 

    We still have quite a few to go, but Owl is like $65, so that might not happen. 

  • Aftermath 15 of 15

    You're looking at this and saying, "That isn't so bad." And it's not. For 9 kids and 8 adults, the house was fairly presentable when they all left. 

    We had an amazing time. Thank you to everyone who sent Bella something for her birthday, even those of you we might never meet, and to all our friends that came. It was a very special day. 


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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