Bento Boxes Are for Suckers

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While I never said I loved being in the kitchen, I’ve tried nearly everything to persuade BooBoo to venture beyond his diet of chicken nuggets and cinnamon apple sauce without success.

I read somewhere that a food must be introduced at least 15 times to see if a child will accept it. Well, let’s see, if we subtract the first two years of his life (you know, due to solids and choking hazards), that leaves approximately 1,065 days of his young life that I’ve attempted to introduce things like edamame, carrots, potatoes in non-French fry form, and endless varieties of casseroles and pasta dishes.

He’s picky, I get it. I’ve lived my whole life as a picky eater, but that doesn’t mean his self-imposed dietary limitations aren’t frustrating. One mom suggested I try bento boxes as a “fun and exciting way to get my son to try new foods”.

You see, I would … except I don’t want to. Look at these things, they’re edible masterpieces! Not only do they presumably take forever to make, I just don’t care that much. Would I like my kid to embrace the cornucopia of fruits and vegetables available from my grocer’s produce aisle? Sure. Am I willing to quit my day job and take up professional bento-ing to do it? That would be a negative.

I posted on my Facebook fan page, “I don’t love my kid enough to make a bento box. Just had to get that off my chest” and a bunch of y’all agreed. When did every single thing we do for our kids have to be so dang special? Can’t I save the special for when it really matters? We’re talking about lunch! Eat it or don’t eat it and let’s move on.

For all you bento-loving culinary geniuses, despite the title I’m not here to insult you. If anything, I’m envious. I’m envious that you enjoy bento-ing. I’m envious that you care more about your child’s nutrition that I do. I’m also envious that you’re the kind of mom who sees the value in making food fun.

I’ll tell you what I think is fun – ice cream. And all I need is 30 seconds and a scooper to do it.

For those you culinary adventurers looking for a little bento inspiration, click here.

Do you bento?

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