14 Ridiculous Birthday Cake Fails

Big P’s birthday is coming up — it’s in less then two weeks and the planning has begun. We won’t be throwing him any fancy extravagant birthday party this year but we will have a mini-party with close family.

Every year we let the kids pick what they want their cake like. One year we had a Lightning McQueen cake, another was a purple cake with flowers for Princess R and we’ve done the typical Elmo cake. This year I bet Big P’s choice will be another character-type cake and I am hoping, for my parents sake who make the cake, that it won’t be too complicated.

I know it’s the thought that counts when making a homemade cake and really, as long as it tastes good the way it look shouldn’t matter. But it does and sometimes it just looks all kinds of wrong.

Click through for 14 cakes you do not want to be the centerpiece of your kids birthday party:

  • Chewbacca 1 of 14
    Clever idea but it's creepy.
  • Um.. Yoda? 2 of 14
    Um.. Yoda?
    I think this is Yoda...
  • Enter the Dark Side 3 of 14
    Enter the Dark Side
    Of the kitchen? Cause this looks like granite.
  • Hmm.. What 4 of 14
    Hmm.. What
    I think the saying is "live long and prosper"
  • Wow Dora … 5 of 14
    Wow Dora ...
    I think Dora's been eating the cake.
  • Dora Fail 6 of 14
    Dora Fail
    If they had taken 2 more minutes on the mouth this could have been cute.
  • Who Me? 7 of 14
    Who Me?
    Is Dora looking at me or you? I can't tell.
  • MAD Train 8 of 14
    MAD Train
    Perhaps there is some resentment?
  • Um Nice Try 9 of 14
    Um Nice Try
    Winnie the Pooh -- is that you?
  • Hand Drawn. 10 of 14
    Hand Drawn.
    Well, they kinda look like cars, maybe.
  • Superman 11 of 14
    Where are your hands and what are they doing?
  • Happy Birthday 12 of 14
    Happy Birthday
    Enjoy the nightmares I got for you.
  • The Three Little Pigs 13 of 14
    The Three Little Pigs
    The three hunted and dead little pigs. Totally birthday cake material (sarcasm).
  • Elephants 14 of 14
    If your kid is one to say: "Mom for my birthday I want a cake with four dead elephants".


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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