Birthday in December: Our 6 Rules for Keeping a Birthday and Christmas Separate

6 Rules for Keeping a Birthday and Christmas Separate It seems just like yesterday, but seven years ago, tomorrow, my first child was born.

I remember when I was pregnant, I was worried that he would be born too close to Christmas and not enjoy the holidays like I wished he could. It was a silly thing to worry about, but as a first-time mom-t0-be, it was right there in my mind.

He’s not born too close to Christmas or all the other holidays. But while people are out shopping for gifts during December, decorating their house, and putting up a tree, I plan to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite people.

It’s important for my kids to have that special day for them. I do what I can to make sure their birthdays are filled with fun and of course, love. My daughters were born just a few days apart (although, different years) so we have rules for keeping their birthdays separate so they each feel special. The same is said for Speed, my 7-year-old who has to compete with Christmas. We have some house rules that are in place to make sure the holidays don’t trump his special day.

Click through to read our 6 rules for keeping a birthday and Christmas separate:

  • Big Gift for Birthday 1 of 6
    Big Gift for Birthday
    It would be easier to save the bigger wish list gift for Christmas, but with Speed's birthday in December, we like to give the gift for his special day. We save early to make sure we can afford to spoil him for his birthday and Christmas.
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  • Send Out Invites Early 2 of 6
    Send Out Invites Early
    December is a crazy busy month for a lot of people. Because of this we send out the birthday invites early so people can schedule ahead and make sure they can attend.
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  • Birthday Plans Trump Holiday 3 of 6
    Birthday Plans Trump Holiday
    Birthday plans will always come before holiday plans. We will always celebrate his birthday first before any holiday gatherings.
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  • No Christmas Decor 4 of 6
    No Christmas Decor
    We don't decorate our house at all Christmas-style until after the birthday. This means no lights on the outside of the house, too.
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  • No Holiday Wrapping Paper 5 of 6
    No Holiday Wrapping Paper
    If my son is getting a birthday present, it's not to be wrapped in Christmas paper. He should have the cheesy kid-balloon style gift paper, too.
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  • No Tree Until After 6 of 6
    No Tree Until After
    We don't get a tree until after his birthday. Many get their tree on December 1st and it helps get into the Christmas spirit, but we wait until a few days later (or put it up Christmas Eve).
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