Birthday Party Madness

As you know, JD is 5 and has been in school since he was 2. Along with making friends, learning to share and read (sniffle), we’ve attended 475 wow ’em birthday parties.

In fact, JD has had a party every weekend (both Sat and Sun) this entire month. This weekend we have Lily’s Little Mermaid party and Addison’s Monster Mini-Golf party.

Theme parties, party venues, and all the trimmings are a big deal around these parts. JD has been having kiddy parties since he turned 2. Back then, I threw him a low-key bash at a local park.

When he turned 3, I opted for a fun house venue—there was a trampoline, rides, play areas, and a big crawl structure. We celebrated the big 4 at a bounce house venue. This year we partied at the gym where JD studies karate. Chop!

I’ve spent nearly $4,000 bucks on parties, counting favors, cakes, family dinners, school party snacks, and venues over the past 5 years. This may sound crazy, but every other parent I know parties the same way.

However, I think I need to reel it in. I’m thinking kid party cutoff at … 8? 10? Tell me your thoughts. 

As I sit down to wrap 2 gifts for this weekends’ parties, have a look at some recent extravaganzas we’ve been too. Ponies, piggy cupcakes, photo print cakes—oh yeah, we party hard. #JerseySTRONG

  • Kickin’ It 1 of 15
    I gave JD a karate party at the gym where he takes classes.
  • Cool Cake 2 of 15
    This is a cupcake cake shaped like a 5. We loved it! (Got it at Shop 'N Stop)
  • Favors 3 of 15
    Everyone got a Ninjago Spinner. I slapped a "Thank You" sticker on em to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Bam. Done. Thank you!
  • Beach Party 4 of 15
    The family celebrated JD's 5th bday down the shore.
  • Sweet Cake 5 of 15
    JD asked for a strawberry shortcake for his fam party.
  • Fall Bday Bash 6 of 15
    JD's pal Leah had her party at a farm. The kids went on a hayride and pumpkin picked. So cool!
  • Cutie Cupcakes 7 of 15
    Leah's mom made these piggy cupcakes. OMG!!
  • Bowling Party 8 of 15
    We just celebrated Morgan's 5th birthday at the local bowling alley.
  • Chef Party 9 of 15
    Giada had a cooking party. To start, the kids decorated chef hats and aprons. How cute! Next they decorated cupcakes, made sushi out of candy and donuts + more.
  • Sugared Up! 10 of 15
    All that sweet cooking bred this. Love these kiddos!
  • Arcade Fun! 11 of 15
    Dylan's party was at a bowling alley that had fun rides and games. Hold on, JD!
  • Reptile Fun! 12 of 15
    Evan had his party at his home. After pizza, a reptile guy came with snakes and lizards. Cool!
  • Gymnastics Bash 13 of 15
    Leo's party was hosted at a gymnastics gym. Here's JD swinging into a pool of foam cubes!
  • Princess Cake 14 of 15
    Princess Keira had the prettiest cake I've ever seen. Love!
  • Backyard Bash 15 of 15
    Keira's fam hosted her party in their yard. Here's JD taking a pony ride. Yeehaw!


JD’s birth story, sniffle. 

Confession: I don’t want to throw my kid a party. 

I re-gifted my kid’s gift to his friend. Yeah.

Moms can party too!

Do you give your child a kiddy party? Do you send in treats to school? What is the party scene like in your area? (JD turns 6 in August. He wants a bowling party.) Share! XOXO

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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