Blame it on the Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Holidays

Chocolate for breakfast and champagne in the office? Oh yes, please!

We’re given certain all sorts of allowances around the holidays and aren’t we so glad! Behaviors that would never be considered socially acceptable are not only accepted, but are expressly encouraged during the holiday season. Gee, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Move over kiddies, we grownups are ready to get this ho-ho-holiday started right!

Let’s examine the totally awesome behaviors that the holidays make more than OK!

  • Wearing ugly holiday sweaters 1 of 12
    Wearing ugly holiday sweaters
    Ugly holiday sweaters are the new holiday black (or red). Silly up your wardrobe with an obnoxious holiday sweater and spread the over-the-top holiday cheer!
  • Kissing total strangers 2 of 12
    Kissing total strangers
    Get your smooch on under the mistletoe! It's not cheating; it's tradition!
  • Shop ’til you drop 3 of 12
    Shop 'til you drop
    The holidays are the only time of year when it's perfectly acceptable to shop away the winter blues. Occupy mall!
  • Spoil your kids 4 of 12
    Spoil your kids
    Your kids have been (mostly) good all year. Spoil away my friends!
  • Chocolate for breakfast and all the live long day 5 of 12
    Chocolate for breakfast and all the live long day
    Hey, no judgment here.
  • Dressing your pet 6 of 12
    Dressing your pet
    Imma gonna go with adorable, even if these pups seem a little Grinchy about their costumes. Check out these 25 adorable and awesome pets dressed up for Christmas!
  • Gaining holiday poundage 7 of 12
    Gaining holiday poundage
    Enjoy the season and worry about the weighty aftermath come January 1st like the rest of us.
  • Drinking with the boss 8 of 12
    Drinking with the boss
    Drink responsibly friends. Keep that liquid courage in check and refrain from telling the boss what you really think of his management style.
  • Feeling like a kid again 9 of 12
    Feeling like a kid again
    The holidays are the perfect time to rediscover the child within. From watching holiday cartoons to marveling at Christmas lights to the excitement of opening presents; feel the holiday magic!
  • Keeping secrets and telling snowy white lies 10 of 12
    Keeping secrets and telling snowy white lies
    Your Santa secrets are safe here!
  • Listening to Wham! 11 of 12
    Listening to Wham!
    Christmas is the one and only time we're allowed to listen to Wham!'s "Last Christmas". Grrrreat, now it's stuck in my head. Again.
  • Wearing awesomely awful holiday hats 12 of 12
    Wearing awesomely awful holiday hats
    Stupid? Yes. Awesome? Um, totally!

Did I miss anything? What else can we get away with during the holidays?

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