BooBoo Explains it All: 6-Year-Old Answers Life’s Biggest Questions

“Mommy, what happens when we die?”

“Why do people get sick?”

“What should I be when I grow up?

Day after day, my son BooBoo asks the tough questions – stuff about life and death and science and meaning. Sometimes I surprise myself with a halfway decent age-appropriate answer, but most of the time I just transform complex questions into even more complex answers by way of carefully selected words and phrases intended to keep things “simple.”

Now I know it’s a normal part of child development for kids to ask hard questions in an effort to make sense of the world, but for highly sensitive souls like BooBoo, the answers to life’s big questions take up a lot of valuable space in his head and in his heart. Sometimes it seems as though his modest frame is hardly big enough to house all the curiosity and intensity he feels inside.

He feels things deeply. He thinks about things deeply. He’s all in – body and soul – in this young life of his. For this reason, I thought it might be fun to ask him the big life questions, because honesty, he’s probably spent more time thinking about the answers than I have.

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    Kid answers life's biggest questions

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  • Is there a God? 2 of 11
    Children and God

    Yes, because I believe in him. He's our biggest dad. The world is like a baseball to Him.


    How do you know that God is here if you can't see Him?


    Because I can hear Him in my heart.

  • Why are we here? 3 of 11
    why are we here

    Like, why are people on this earth?


    Because God created them.


    What are we supposed to do here? What's the point of us being here?


    Loving and taking care of everyone we know and love.

  • Are we alone in the universe? 4 of 11

    Like, are there extra-terrestrials, aliens, or other life forms in this universe?


    [Nods yes]


    There are? What do you think about it? Tell me.


    Um...because...I just believe them.


    How come?


    Because in books and stuff, they, like, say about aliens and it makes me wonder if aliens are real.

  • What makes someone a good person? 5 of 11

    Picking up people's trash that is not yours.


    Oh, that's a good one. What makes people a good person in general? (<--- great grammar, I know)


    I don't know.

  do you know a good person from a bad person?


    Because bad people, like, drive really, really fast because the cops might be trying to get them for like, robbing a bank or something.


    OK, and good people? What do good people do?


    Um, they watch out for the kids when their kids are about to like, run into the street when there's cars.

  • What is the meaning of life? 6 of 11
    what is the meaning of life

    Loving people.


    That's a really good answer, actually. Do you want to explain?


    Loving nature, too.

  • What is truth? 7 of 11

    Telling something that actually happened.


    OK, do you want to explain?


    [Nods no, then yes]


    OK, go ahead.


    Like when somebody tells 'em, um, like they saw a waterfall and the other person doesn't believe that there's waterfalls, you can just show them and they'll believe 'em.

  • Is world peace possible? 8 of 11
    world peace

    Can we have peace in the world?


    [Nods yes]


    No wars and no fighting -


    [Nods no]


    No? How come?


    Because there's too many bad guys in the world and there's so much armies that I don't think it'll ever end.


    Because we have so many armies or because there's just bad guys that the good guys need to take care of?



  • Is time travel possible? 9 of 11

    [Nods no]


    Na-ah, because, like, how would you make a portal and make it actually work to actually teleport, like to the Dinosaur Age?


    Well, I dunno. Could scientists figure it out - people would really know a lot about science and math and physics?



  • How do we know right from wrong? 10 of 11
    deciding right from wrong

    How do you know if something's right or something's wrong? How do we, as people know?


    You just like, estimate or something.


    Estimate? Like in math?


    No, you just estimate anything, like you guess something.


    If you don't know what's right and wrong you just take a guess?


    [Nods yes]


    Or, you could just use something and get the right answer. Like when my dad didn't know how much was a mile, he just looked up on his phone and it was like, 1,829 feet, I think?


    Well, OK, but that's if you don't know the answer to something, but what about something like, you're trying to make a decision - there's something you want to do - how do you know if it's the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do? Is it a feeling? Is it something you know? How do you know it?


    When you already learned it, like, yeah, you already learned it.

  • What is love? 11 of 11

    Caring about someone.


    Tell me a little bit more.


    Keeping them protected.


    OK, how do you know if you love someone?


    Just look into your heart. Just decide if you love them and you could just ask, and if they say no, you could just walk away. And if they say yes, you could do it.


To see BooBoo answer these questions in live video, click here!

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