Boy Wonders: 10 Things I Wish I Could Change About My Parents

It’s me, Boy Wonder, and I’m on winter break right now which means I’ve been home with my parents a lot lately. Mostly it’s been fine, but there are things they do that bother me a lot.

There’s a lot of stuff I want to do that they won’t let me do, and things I don’t want to do that they make me do. Most of the time I just don’t get why they say no or make me do certain stuff.

My mom said that it’s the job of parents to raise good kids, and that I probably won’t like what that means for me. She also said I could blog about it if I wanted to, so that’s what I’m doing.

  • I love my parents, but… 1 of 11

    Here are 10 things I wish I could change about my parents.

  • Not enough gaming time 2 of 11

    My parents let me play video games from 7-9pm every night. Either games or computer in that time, and that's only if all my homework and chores are done and if I'm doing OK in school. They say two hours is a lot of time to play in a day, but I disagree. That's not enough time to do what I really want in Minecraft. I also want to play some other different games, but to get anywhere in them I need a lot more time. Four hours a day sounds fair to me, like spread out whenever I could fit it in.

  • Forcing me to play outside 3 of 11

    I'm not an outdoor person and never really was, but my parents force me outside because they say kids belong outside. We live in California where it's sunny all the time so they make me play outside all year long and it's stupid and boring. And there's cars, so it's not even like it's really very safe. I also get hurt when I play outside, so why would want to do that on purpose? Two weeks ago I almost ripped my big toenail off.

  • Too many lectures 4 of 11

    The lectures that my mom and dad give me are very boring. They're also very long. They should just tell me what I did wrong and then let me go in like...20 seconds. They go on and on about how all this stuff affects my entire life. I'm only 11.


  • Checking my homework 5 of 11

    I brought homeĀ a bad math grade once and ever since then my mom makes my dad check my math homework. It sucks because he comes home late and it's always ruining my game time because I have to stop and go over all the stuff I missed. Then he makes me do more practice problems that he makes up so he knows I understand it.


  • Making me spend time with the family 6 of 11

    My parents say that I send too much time in my room and force me to come downstairs to spend time with the family. I like my room - all my stuff is there and my brother can't be in there. I like spending time with my family when I feel like it - just not all the time.

  • Art lessons every Saturday morning 7 of 11

    I like art a lot and I like to show it off, but I don't like going to art lessons on Saturday mornings. I'm in school all week and when the weekend comes I don't want to do anything. Art class used to be 50 minutes long, but now it's 90 minutes because I'm in the advanced class, and that's a really long time to be at the easel when you're tired.


  • The "no holes in jeans" rule 8 of 11

    My mom won't let me wear jeans to school with holes in them. In the morning I just put on whatever and then she sees the knees and makes me change. I hate changing my clothes because no one cares if I have holes in my jeans. I don't care and neither does school. Besides, like all my jeans have holes.

  • Being the "errand buddy" 9 of 11

    My mom calls me her "errand buddy" and brings me on all her errands to places like Walmart and Target. I told her to bring my brother instead but she says I'm easier to handle - that's not fair. Just because I'm easier, I shouldn't have to be the one who always goes.


  • Watching out for my brother 10 of 11

    Whenever my mom drops us off at school, she tells me I have to watch out for my brother. It's hard because I want to be with my friends and have fun without having to worry about him. Besides, he doesn't really listen to me anyway so what's the point?

  • Making me read 11 of 11

    I actually like to read, but I don't like being told I have to do it. When I'm busy with Legos or something else and my mom says, "You need to read," I get mad because I don't want to right then. My parents make me and my brother read 20-30 minutes a day, but that's dumb. I already know how to read and I do it all the time. I read in school and stuff on my video games. You don't have to read books to read.

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