Boy Wonders: 10 Things I Wouldn’t Change About My Parents

It’s Boy Wonder again. I’m back writing because some people thought the last thing I wrote, 10 things I wished I could change about my parents, was harsh. It wasn’t really a big deal. All my friends want to change things about their parents, and besides, I talk to my parents about this stuff all the time so it was fine. I think my mom was just happy that I wrote it because my teacher said I need practice writing.

I have good parents and I love them for a lot of reasons. I made a list for you to read, but it feels a little bit embarrassing to share it because…I don’t know.

  • I’ll keep them 1 of 11

    I don't want to change everything about my parents. There's a lot of good things about them, like these 10 things:

  • They love me 2 of 11

    I mean, they're my parents, so of course they do, but they're always trying to protect me from stuff and give me hugs and kisses (which I don't like). I guess I'm fine with hugs, but kisses - not really. We say "I love you" a lot in our family and it makes me feel good when I hear it.

  • They let me order off the adult menu 3 of 11

    Ever since I started being able to finish two kids' meals, my mom and dad have started letting me order off the adult menu. There's a way better selection of food there and I like to eat everything except cheese, so it's pretty cool. My favorite food is sushi but we don't get to eat that very often because it's expensive.

  • They’re funny 4 of 11

    My dad is always singing and dancing and making jokes and he's really funny all the time. My mom doesn't do that stuff, but she makes fun of my dad a lot, which I think is really funny. She likes to do dumb stuff whenever there's a camera too. We make a lot of jokes and laugh at funny movies and TV shows.

  • They help me 5 of 11
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    My mom is always trying to help me become a better writer because my language arts grade is not great. I don't like it when she makes me rewrite things all the time, but I think it's helping me get a little bit better. Whenever I have a math test coming up, my Dad always makes sure I understand. I know I said I hated that on my last post, but it helps me get a good grade and I like that. One more thing, my dad always fixes my computer when it breaks, which is good because I need that for school.

  • They’re happy 6 of 11

    It makes me happy to know that my parents are happy. We have a really good family because they try to make me and my brother happy too. We pray as a family every morning for a good day.

  • They give good presents 7 of 11
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    My mom and dad give really good presents because they follow my birthday and Christmas lists. So long as they get me one thing on my list, I'm pretty much happy. They know I like money, too, so that's always a good present.

  • They care about my future 8 of 11

    My dad is always trying to show me how to do stuff and fix things at home so that I know how when I'm older because he thinks hiring people costs too much money. My mom does the same thing about chores and things like that, so I know what to do someday. We also talk a lot about driving rules and directions because I want to know how to do all that when I'm 16 and not get lost.

  • They hang out with me 9 of 11
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    My parents don't get why I don't always like talking or hanging out, but my dad comes in my room to hang out with me and we watch funny YouTube videos. My mom likes to take me out just the two of us sometimes. She calls it a "date" even though I told her not to call it that. We saw Catching Fire a couple weeks ago and it was really good.

  • They involve me 10 of 11

    My mom and dad almost always ask me what I think about important decisions. They also take me with them to vote so I can see how it works. My mom likes to include me in her work and my dad sometimes takes me to his work so I can see what he does. He said that when I'm a little older, I can work with him over a summer to make money.

  • They cheer me up 11 of 11
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    Whenever I'm upset about something, my parents try to cheer me up. They talk to me and it makes me feel better. My mom also leaves me notes sometimes that make me feel good.

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Boy Wonders: 10 Things I Wish I Could Change About My Parents

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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