Boy Wonders: 11 Unfair Things About Being a Big Brother

A post contributed by Mommyfriend’s oldest son!

Being a big brother isn’t so great. Everybody says it’s so great, but I don’t think so. I’ve been a big brother now for 5¾ years so I kind of know a lot about being one.

My mom told me that being a big brother is more than a job, it’s a responsibility—just like driving a car or having a BB gun. I’d rather drive a car or have a BB gun for sure. Being a big brother is really hard and it’s all the time. Even grownups get vacations from their responsibilities, so big brothers should too.

  • Being a big brother is a big pain 1 of 12
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    Here is a list of the 11 hardest things about being a big brother.

  • He holds me back 2 of 12
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    I can't watch the TV shows that I want to downstairs because my brother is there and he isn't allowed to watch shows my mom thinks are "inappropriate" for him. Basically no Cartoon Network is allowed which isn't fair for me because I'm 10 and watching Nick Jr. is extremely boring. I already know my shapes and numbers.

  • He needs a lot of attention 3 of 12
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    [BooBoo] needs so much attention from my mom that I hardly get any. He's always crying or upset about something dumb and my mom has to stop talking to me to pay attention to him. It's not fair, she's my mom too.

  • He thinks he’s smarter 4 of 12
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    Whenever my brother learns something in school (and he's only been in Kindergarten for a year), he expects me not to know it and then he gets mad when I do. For example, how much five dimes are worth—I know that! I knew that a long time ago. I'm like 5 grades ahead of him.

  • He gets everything 5 of 12
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    My little brother gets whatever he wants. For example, on July 4th he got two betta fish and all I wanted was one lizard and I didn't get it. Plus, on the same day he got a toy too. My mom says sometimes he gets more stuff because the things he wants are cheap and the things I want aren't, and he plays with a lot of my old toys and wears my old clothes so it's "fair." I don't think she's right.

  • He breaks my stuff 6 of 12

    Sometimes when my brother gets angry he throws my stuff or tells me he's going to break it. I have a lot of fragile things that I care about and he's broken a few on accident, but mostly on purpose. I don't break his stuff because that's mean and I'm way more careful than he is.

  • He doesn’t give me privacy 7 of 12

    All older siblings need privacy from their brothers. When I've been at school all day and I'm pretty tired, I just want to go to my room and be alone for a little while. Also, when I'm trying to change my clothes or get ready to take a shower, I don't want him to bother me. Also, I don't want him around when I first wake up because I'm grouchy and I don't have patience for him.

  • He tags along 8 of 12
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    My brothers follows me wherever I go and I can't get away from him. Like at an amusement park I get to go on the bigger rides and he cries because he's not tall enough and says it's not fair. It's not my fault that he's short.

  • He’s unfair 9 of 12
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    Every time I win at a game, he starts crying and storms off into his room. He isn't good at waiting for his turn either and thinks everything is unfair when he doesn't get his way. He's the one who is unfair acting that way.

  • He takes my stuff 10 of 12
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    My brother is always coming in my room and taking my video games without asking. I don't go into his room and play with his toys, probably because they're my old toys and I don't care about them anymore, but still.

  • He’s a copycat 11 of 12
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    My brother always wants to do what I do and say what I say. He thinks it's funny but it gets annoying. Sometimes he does it to be funny and sometimes he does it out of anger. When I copy him back I get in trouble and that's not fair.

  • He always needs help 12 of 12
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    My parents expect me to help my brother do stuff like tie his shoes and help him play games and draw stuff. I don't like helping him because I have to do the same things a billion times. I try to teach him stuff but he just ignores me and does what he wants. I wish he would just listen and pay attention to me.


Mom note: All I wanted growing up was a brother and a basketball hoop—it’s true. You might not realize it today or even a decade from now, but one day you’ll thank me for giving you a lifelong best friend. Mom’s Honor.

Are you a big brother or sister who agrees with me?

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