6 Hilarious Reasons Why My Kid Thinks He Deserves a Summer Vacation

It’s me, Boy Wonder again. Thanks for reading my last blog on why tweens need cell phones. It made me feel good to have you read it because some people thought I was right.

I’m on summer vacation but it doesn’t feel like I am. My mom has been making my brother and me do worksheets, read, and a lot more stuff around the house. I told her that we deserved a summer vacation without having to do all this stuff and she told me that if I wanted to complain that I should write it down.

  • Kids love summer 1 of 7
    Cool kid

    Here are the 6 biggest reasons kids deserve a summer vacation of fun.

  • We get bored being in school so long every day 2 of 7
    School project

    Our teacher makes us do math for an hour and thirty minutes a day and we're there for like six or seven hours! Also, we only get two recesses and one of those is lunch. That's too long to be in the classroom listening. We do it but it's horrible.


    Mom's response: Child, the standard work day is 8 hours PLUS commute time.

  • It’s too hot to learn 3 of 7
    Tween junk food

    It's hard being inside the classroom when it's too hot from all the people in there. It makes us all want to sleep, or go home and watch TV and eat chips. You have to agree with that.


    Mom's response: Actually, I don't have to agree with that. Yes, being hot sucks, but you know what sucks worse? Being dumb.

  • Summer is supposed to be fun 4 of 7

    In the summer we're not supposed to be learning social studies or sitting in assemblies where we can't move our legs because there's no room. We should be having fun swimming, going on a vacation, or eating barbeque food instead.


    Mom's response: Summer is supposed to be fun and learning and helping your mom ARE fun!

  • We already learned a lot this year 5 of 7
    Last day of school

    We've been in school since August and that's a long time. We learned enough stuff, and even stuff we don't need to know about. We probably already forgot a lot of it anyway. Our smarticles (that means brain) need a vacation.


    Mom's response: Your smarticles are sometimes too smart for their own smarticle good! Silly boy.

  • The teachers are tired 6 of 7
    Open House

    The teacher gets tired of our faces, I think. They also get really tired of the kids who cause trouble in the classroom. The good thing is that I wasn't one of those kids this year, but I used to be. The teachers need a rest to get ready for next year and so do we.


    Mom's response: The teachers are tired. They have to be. THEY deserve summer vacation.

  • We need to have fun with our family 7 of 7

    Even though my family annoys me most of the time, I like to have fun with them and summer is when we get to do that. We swim in my grandma and grandpa's pool, ride bikes, and even eat waffles at dinner sometimes. That stuff is fun.


    Mom's response: That stuff is fun and summer is the funnest fun ever, but we have fun all year long—don't we?

Mom note: I agree that kids just wanna have fun during summer and I’m more than OK with that. Summer is a season for children—the smell of fresh cut grass, playing until the street lights come on, chasing after the ice cream man. It’s all perfect and possible and meant to be experienced. That said, getting my kids to exercise those “smarticles” a wee bit over the summer probably won’t kill them. I mean, I suppose it could, but that’s just a chance I’m willing to take.

Are you making your kids learn over the summer?

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