Boy Wonders: 6 Worst Things About Having a Blogger for a Mom

Hi everybody, this is Boy Wonder and I’m going to tell you why it’s weird to have a mom who’s a blogger.

My mom wasn’t always a blogger, but even before she had this job she always talked about me a lot – like how I was doing in school and stuff like that. I never liked it, but she did it anyway because she talks a lot.

There are cool things about having a mom that blogs, like getting to go to cool places sometimes and stuff, but there are bad things too, like when my art teacher saw a picture of me on Babble and told me about it. I was so embarrassed and my mom was so happy. That was weird.

  • My mom blogs 1 of 7
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    I'm glad my mom's a blogger because she likes it and gets to work from home, but here are 6 things I don't like.

  • She posts pictures like this 2 of 7
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    I feel really embarrassed that my mom shows pictures of me looking stupid or funny. I wish she would ask my permission because I never know when she's taking a picture. I don't want people laughing at me unless I'm trying on purpose to be funny.


    Mom note: Duly noted. Honestly, I feel the same way when my friends tag me in Facebook pictures and I look fat, old, or worst of all - have bad hair.

  • She tells embarrassing stories 3 of 7

    When my mom talks about things like potty training me or the kind of girl she wants me to marry, it makes me feel embarrassed because I don't like talking about that stuff to anyone.


    Mom note: I care very much about protecting your privacy and sharing our stories in a helpful, honest, and yes, sometimes humorous manner. I vow to continue asking your permission when writing about sensitive topics, but potty training and theoretical marriage partners are now off the table too?


  • She’s always on her phone 4 of 7

    Here's a picture of me and my mom at Best Buy getting her a new phone that she's always on for "work," but Instagram and Facebook are not for working. My friends use those apps for fun.


    Mom note: Actually, for some of us those apps are for business and pleasure. And for many, more business than actual pleasure.

  • She makes me stop 5 of 7
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    My mom always makes me stop when I'm having fun or doing something cool so she can take a picture for some post. And then I never see the post but I know it's out there.


    Mom note: I totally do that all the time. The posts are all there, check 'em out by clicking here.

  • Vlogs are hard 6 of 7
    5 Things My Tween Fears About Growing Up Snapshot

    Me and my mom do two videos a month and they take so long to do. We mess up a lot and always have to start over. She tells me that I'm not allowed to yawn on video but whenever we're doing them I always feel like I have to. Also, she gets mad about the hair in my eyes.


    Mom note: Vlogs are so hard. They are. And, I'm working on an epic blooper reel. Take 43...and ACTION!

  • My friends might read it 7 of 7
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    What if my friends saw a post about me? That would be embarrassing.


    Mom note: And by "embarrassing" you mean awesome, right?

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