Boy Wonders: A 10-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons Why Every Tween Needs a Cell Phone

Hi, this is Boy Wonder and I’m 10 years old. My mom is Mommyfriend and I’m writing on her blog to tell parents something very important: kids my age need a cell phone.

My parents think kids in elementary school shouldn’t have cell phones unless they really need one. My mom says the only kids that really need one walk home by themselves or go to daycare after school. I used to go to daycare after school and I still didn’t get one so I don’t really understand.

I want a cell phone just like every other kid. I’ve wanted one for I don’t know how many years, but it’s been a really long time.

  • We want cell phones! 1 of 11

    Kids my age and even younger need a cell phone for a lot of reasons. I guess I'll just give you 10.

  • To call their friends 2 of 11

    My mom says I can use the home phone to call my friends but I don't want to because a cell phone has FaceTime on it so you can actually see your friends. My mom said I can use Skype on the computer for that but I don't want to because on a cell phone you can just get the Skype app and not deal with your computer.

    (Mommyfriend's response: Boy Wonder, you so crazy. Last I checked you only had one friend's phone number. Also, you'd rather do anything than sit and talk on a phone, even a cell phone.)

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  • To play games 3 of 11

    Kids want cell phones to play games because they keep us entertained when we're really bored. Like when we're standing in a line to get something, or when our mom takes us shopping, or when we just don't feel like talking.

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  • Emergency 4 of 11

    There was this one time after school when I couldn't find my mom. There were about 500 people there and my mom is short so I couldn't see her. She couldn't find me either and we were both worried. If I had a cell phone I could have called her. My mom said to go to the office when that happens but that would have been a long walk back through all those people.

    (Mommyfriend's response: Well, we wouldn't want to make that long walk back to the office, now would we...)

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  • Google 5 of 11

    Kids have a lot of questions - at least I do. I'm tired of asking my parents questions they don't know the answers to. Stuff like how many miles is the earth from the sun and what's ink made out of. We need to find out these answers because these questions bother us. If we wait until we get home to use the computer, we'll forget the question.

    (Mommyfriend's response: When I was your age, I had to go to the library to...oh, never mind.)

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  • Everyone has one 6 of 11

    In my class of 33 kids, practically three-fourths of the class has a cell phone. It makes me feel weird when I don't have one when everyone talks about theirs.

    (Mommyfriend's response: I'm sorry, I think three-fourths of your classmates' parents are wrong.)

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  • Texting 7 of 11

    I need to be able text because if my throat hurts and I don't want to talk or something, I could just text people.

    (Mommyfriend's response: I have no words. Maybe I should just text y'all about it.)

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  • Pictures 8 of 11

    When you're at somewhere and you're having a really good time, you might want to take a picture of what you're doing and your friends and family, or something, so you can remember it. My mom once gave me a camera, but it broke so I need a cell phone now.

    (Mommyfriend's response: Break a camera, get a cell phone? Aha ahahahaha.)

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  • They look cool 9 of 11

    I want an iPhone 5 like my mom because Siri is awesome and knows everything.

    (Mommyfriend's response: Need I remind you I just got an iPhone 5 and only then because I had a slow-dying iPhone 3. Oh, and I'm also 36 years old and bought it with my own money.)

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  • To feel better 10 of 11

    When I know that I can call people I know if I have a problem, I feel better because they can give me advice.

    (Mommyfriend's response: Or you can just ask your mom and dad, you know, the people you LIVE WITH who love you.)

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  • Netflix 11 of 11

    If you're not at home and you need to watch something you can just go to the app and start watching. Kids like me want to watch movies when we're out on a long car ride, someplace boring, or are stuck listening to adults talk about politics.

    (Mommyfriend's response: Or you could just listen? Maybe you could learn something...just sayin'.)

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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