Boy Wonders: Look at My Latest Artwork!

photo (260)Hi, it’s Boy Wonder again. You might already know that I’m a kid artist because my mom has shown my artwork on Babble here, here, and here.

A lot of people think I want to grow up and become a famous artist someday, but I don’t think I want to do that. I don’t like giving my original artwork away – even for money, but I do want people to see it and feel happy.

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like art. I like to look at art online, in museums, and in books, but I like street art shows the best because they give people who aren’t famous a chance to show their stuff. Besides, you don’t have to be famous to be a good artist.

My mom asked me what I thought made great art and I said anything that makes you feel something or imagine something is good art. Sometimes even a doodle on a notebook is good art.

I was looking at my artwork posts on Babble and noticed that my mom hasn’t shown any of my newer artwork for more than a year, so I helped her pull it all together to show you.

  • Look at my art! 1 of 20
    Kid artist

    Take a look at what I've been working on. I really hope that you like them!

  • I like this one 2 of 20
    photo (260)

    I created this prairie dog over a year ago and back then I was really proud of it because drawing realistic animals was really hard for me, and I thought I did a pretty good job with this one.

  • Prairie Dog 3 of 20
    Prairie Dog

    Created October 2012


    Here's a closer look at the prairie dog. I used chalk pastels which are fun to use. The hardest part of this picture wasn't the fur - it was the background because there were so many tones of brown and gray and black to blend together.

  • Baby seal 4 of 20
    Baby seal

    Created October 2012


    I used chalk pastels again (my favorite) to create this baby seal. This piece took me four art classes (so like, a month) to make because I kept messing up on the charcoal used on the nose and eyes and whiskers. I was really frustrated with this one, but I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out.

  • Cheetah 5 of 20

    Created December 2012


    This one was so hard! I used chalk pastels again on this one, which took forever because I had to do the spots, and the shadow behind the ear took a long time to get right because I kept blending it out too far. When I finished it, it was definitely one of my favorite pieces I had done.

  • Duck still life 6 of 20

    Created January 2013


    This one is hilarious. I came up with the idea to do a duck still life by myself using a fake pear and a stuffed animal duck. It looks like the duck and the pear are friends, even though the duck is going to eat the pear. I made this using chalk pastels which was kind of hard because 3-dimentional figures are hard to copy.

  • Bulldog 7 of 20

    Created January 2013


    I made this bulldog using watercolors and I think it's only OK. I just don't really like watercolors because they spread so much and are hard to control.

  • Blue Jay 8 of 20
    Blue Jay

    Created January 2013


    This is a blue jay I made using chalk pastels that I am super proud of. My favorite part was doing the blue because it really shows up against brown, gray, and black. The feathers and fur were hard to detail because there were several colors to blend together. This one took a while, but I don't remember exactly how long.

  • Blue Jay on display 9 of 20
    Picture 4328

    I liked it so much that I decided to use it in my art school's show this year. Here I am pointing it out.

  • Eastern Bluebird 10 of 20
    Eastern Bluebird

    Created February 2013


    This bluebird was made with watercolors. I like it because there are a lot of colorful colors, and that makes it look nice and bright. At first it was boring to make, I was like, "Ugh, when am I going to be done with this?" But then I finally finished it and was happy.

  • Frog 11 of 20

    Created March 2013


    Yeah, I like this one even though I used watercolors because the eyes were fun to make. I needed a lot of help from my art teachers on this because I messed up on the orange and yellow leaf and needed help correcting it. I think I did that plant three times before I got it right. In the end, I loved it.

  • Cockatoo still life 12 of 20

    Created April 2013


    This one was so hard. I like and I don't like doing still life, and then using watercolor made it even harder, because you know that I don't like using it. My favorite part was doing the cockatoo's mohawk, because that was fun.

  • Jack Russell Terrier 13 of 20
    Jack Russell Terrier

    Created May 2013


    This was my first tone painting. That means I had to do everything with like, browns in the beginning. At first I covered the entire canvas with a light brown, and then I had to add darker brown over certain spots. The hard part was not using any white in the tone painting until the very end. I made this using acrylics, which are my second favorite to pastels.

  • Bald Eagle 14 of 20
    Bald Eagle

    Created June 2013


    This painting is my favorite out of all six years of taking art lessons! I got to choose my first animal that wasn't in the instruction books and I chose a bald eagle with an American flag because I thought it would look cool and awesome. The hardest part was the beak because I couldn't get the right color. I used acrylics and this piece took me about a month to make.

  • Master Student of the Month 15 of 20
    photo (258)

    I got to be Master Student of the Month last August which was pretty exciting because I've been wanting to have my work on this wall for a couple of years now. My art teachers picked their favorite pieces out of all my artwork created over the last 5 1/2 years. I felt awesome being up there because I work really hard in art class.

  • Mountain Lion 16 of 20
    Mountain lion

    Created August 2013


    I made this using acrylics and it was really hard because it was another tone painting and those are still new to me and it was not easier doing it a second time. I like it because it's a big cat.

  • Tropical fish 17 of 20
    Tropical fish

    Created September 2013


    This is beautiful, but it was hard to make because the plants at the bottom are these vines that go in every direction which was hard to do. The design of the fish was difficult, but I always like working with color so that was cool. This one took about 5 art classes to finish.

  • Husky 18 of 20

    Created November 2012


    My dad says this is a Collie, but I say it's a Husky. I made this using chalk pastels and I like it because it's a dog and I like dogs. The mouth was really hard. I did this piece in about 3 art classes, which was pretty fast for me for a piece like this.

  • Hippo 19 of 20

    Created November 2013


    Another difficult tone painting with acrylics, but I love it so much. My mom says this is her favorite piece ever. The hardest part were the wrinkles on its neck.

  • My mom’s favorite 20 of 20
    photo (257)

    I was very proud of this painting, so when my mom shared it on Instagram, I was excited to see what people thought of it.

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